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Top 10 Beautiful Spring Flowers For Your Garden

With spring coming soon, it’s time to take a look at some spring flowers that are perfect for our garden at this time of the year. Nature never stops to amaze us, and there is plenty of inspiration you can take from it. When it comes to flowers, the choice is endless.

If you were wondering what flowers to buy for the following season, you can just scroll along and see which of the ten beautiful flowers we picked will work for you. No matter if you want your colors to be white, pink, purple, or colorful, we are sure you are going to find what you need!

1. Snowdrop Anemone



The Snowdrop Anemone grows in well-drained soil and blooms in late spring or early summer. It needs to be watered regularly during the first season of growing to establish a good root system. Also, make sure to water it if the weather is too hot outside and divide the clumps every 2-3 years. The Snowdrop Anemone needs full to partial sun for best growth.

2. Peruvian Lily



The Peruvian Lily blooms in late spring or early summer and is available in more colors, such as pink, orange, and white, to name a few. These flowers become invasive when growing and require more space because of that. Full sun location is the best for them, but they’ll need partial shade during hot weather. The Peruvian Lily needs to be watered regularly and if it dries out, cut it back to 4 inches.

3. ‘Grand Maître’ Crocus



The ‘Grand Maître’ Crocus is a hardy plant that needs many suns and well-drained soil. You can use sand, clay, chalk, and loam. These pretty, violet flowers are generally trouble-free, and unlike most of the flowers on the list, they do not need pruning.‘Grand Maître’ Crocus grow up to 10 cm, and it might take them up to 2.5 years to reach the ultimate height.

4. Tulips



Tulips should be planted as soon as possible in spring – the earlier, the better. They come in so many varieties and colors that you will find it hard to pick just one! They do best in places where there are dry summers and cold winters. Some gardens treat tulips as annuals and plant them anew every year, but in fact, these pretty spring flowers are perennials. They are easy to take care of and will certainly make your garden so beautiful!

5. Pansies



Known as the flowers with faces, the pansies come in so many colors that make them even more irresistible! They require well-drained, moist, and humus-rich soil, while when it comes to watering, make sure to do it regularly – it is one of the most common reasons why pansies fail. To help them grow, use an all-purpose fertilizer.

6. Double Daffodils



What makes these daffodils so special is that they have so many petals in the center! These spring bloomers come in different colors, such as yellow, white, and pink. They need full or partial sun location and well-drained soil. Daffodils are considered a sign that spring has arrived, so why not invite them to your garden? Note that these flowers are toxic for pets!

7. Grape Hyacinth



The Grape Hyacinth is a very invasive flower – they spread very quickly, so it’s important to think carefully about where you would like to plant them. They don’t need fertilizers, and most of the time, they bloom in mid-spring. The Grape Hyacinth needs full sun or partial shade and definitely isn’t a fan of extremes – avoid planting them on places where it’s too dry, wet, or hot.

8. Byzantine Gladiolus



A native of Spain, northwest Africa, and Sicily, the Byzantine Gladiolus will certainly make your garden as if it came out from a fairy tale. These beautiful flowers require full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. The flowers are hardy where the soil doesn’t freeze during winter, and it’s good to protect these perennials with mulch.

9. Bowles Mauve



The Bowles Mauve needs to be planted in poor to moderately fertile, well-drained soil and plenty of suns! Semi-hardwood cuttings propagate these beautiful wallflowers in spring or summer. To prevent it from becoming leggy, trim the flowers just a little bit after flowering. The Bowles Mauve is prone to snug snails and flea beetles.

10. Bleeding Hearts



The Bleeding Heart Bacchanal is very easy to take care of, as you won’t need to do any pruning, and the flower is both pest and disease-free. However, it needs well-drained soil that is neutral or slightly alkaline and rich in humus. Make sure to plant it where there’s partial shade.

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