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Top 10 Flowers That Will Make Your Garden a Blue Paradise

The best thing about flowers is there will always be something you will like, no matter how picky your taste can be. Flowers come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, and in this article, we decided to share ten blue beauties with you – these flowers will certainly make your garden a blue paradise.

So, if you’re a lover of the color blue, scroll along to see which flowers we chose. There are easy-to-grow flowers for beginners and a few a little bit challenging for experienced gardeners.

Let us know which one you liked the most!

1. Blue Delphiniums



Delphiniums grow on tall spikes with clusters of blue blossoms (they do come in other colors), and there come in more than 400 species. They need plenty of sun and compost-rich, well-drained soil.

These blue beauties have their own nickname – ‘Queen of the Border,’ and it’s easy to see why. But, because they’re tall flowers, make sure to plant them somewhere behind, or else they will overshadow the rest of the plants. Delphiniums are toxic, so make sure to keep pets and children away!

2. Perennial Geranium



The Geranium is also known as crane’s bill, and you will find about 400 species under this genus. This means you will have plenty of choices! Take this ‘splish splash’ geranium; we would love to have it. No matter the variety, geraniums are one of the most popular garden flowers – not only are they beautiful, but they are also very easy to grow, which is great for beginners. The geraniums would look amazing as border flowers, bedding or container plants, or even hanging plants!

3. Grape Hyacinth



The grape hyacinth is also known as Muscari, and don’t mistake them with the hyacinth just because they look almost the same – this one belongs to the Lily family. These flowers look so gorgeous because of their clusters of tiny florets similar to grapes. The grape hyacinth is known for spreading. However, it is not an invasive flower. It would look even more beautiful if you plant it among other tall bulbs and flowering shrubs in the garden, where it would also attract bees!

4. Himalayan Blue Poppy



The Himalayan blue poppy can also be found as a Tibetan blue poppy. As you can guess, this flower is adored mostly because of its big, bold blue petals and contrasting yellow stamens. What we have here is a short-lived perennial that grows tall and can be hard to grow if you don’t inform yourself well on how to do it. This picky flower requires shade and acid soil, while it should be planted sheltered from strong winds. For successful growth, provide them with moisture and good fertility.

5. Desert Bluebells



If you’re willing to make your garden like a real-life fairy tale, then you know that having butterflies flying around would make it perfect – in this case, what you need is a flower that attracts butterflies, and one who does that very well is the desert bluebell. These small flowers thrive in the sun but would like to shade if the weather is too hot and the sun is too intense. The desert bluebells need well-drained soil, and they don’t want it to be over – watered. They would do great in containers, rock gardens, and wildflower plantings.

6. Gentians



The gentians are the inspiration behind the ‘gentian blue’ dyes. These flowers aren’t just known for their bold blue, but they’re also known as very bitter – in fact, the most bitter chemical substance in the world comes exactly from them! That’s why animals will stay away from eating the flowers. Although very good-looking, growing gentians in a garden won’t be that easy. Wild gentians won’t work, so get a cultivated species either sold in a pot or try growing it in a rock garden – it would be best to surround it with fungi.

7. Brunnera



These tiny blue flowers prefer shade and like their soil to be moist – however, don’t mistake this with keeping their roots wet consistently because this way, they’re just going to fade out. Besides being really adorable, there are two other things you are going to love about the brunnera flowers – they are both pest and disease-free most of the time, and second – they attract bees and butterflies, which is great if you’re opting for a pollinator-friendly garden.

8. Hydrangea



Starting from early spring up until late autumn, the beautiful hydrangea will bloom in your garden, and it’s going to be a wonderful experience having your late summer nights among these flowers! They are seen as one of the most romantic flowers among all, so it’s no wonder why in Asia, giving someone pink hydrangea means that they’re the beat to your heart. Give them plenty of water and keep your pets away – the hydrangea is toxic!

9. Morning Glory



The ‘Morning glory’ is a fast-growing and low-maintenance plant that loves to receive plenty of suns! In return, it will bloom from May until September, making sure your summer is glorious as the flowers themselves. Like a perennial flower, the ‘Morning glory‘ will do perfectly in just about every planter. It’s a good climber that establishes itself in a vertical position and tends to outgrow everything. Well, we don’t mind having a garden full of these pretty flowers that will make our mornings so pleasurable!

10. Blue Siberian Iris



Back in the Middle ages, this beautiful flower was linked to the French monarchy, and it used to be their national symbol. Earlier than that, in ancient times, the irises were planted overall women’s graves to summon the goddess Iris to guide them in their journey to heaven. Unlike many of the flowers on this list, the iris is going to make your garden a paradise in winter – it starts blooming in late winter up until early spring. So, when all is grey and moody, at least you’ll have a bright blue garden to cheer you up!

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