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Top 10 Gorgeous Flowers That Attract Butterflies

Having a garden that butterflies want to visit is a very nice feeling. It’s so great when you can drink your cup of tea or coffee together with someone special in a garden that almost looks like a fairy tale.

The only way to invite butterflies in your garden is a natural one, by planting flowers that they like. Lucky for you, these are gorgeous flowers that not only will have the butterflies as their guests but will make your garden prettier.

Check them out and pick your favorite!

1. Alliums



Another common name – ornamental onion, know as the alliums. They come in different sizes and colors to find the flowers purple, blue, white, and yellow. They bloom in spring up until mid-summer and the best time to plant them is in autumn. They need well-drained soil and to be exposed to the sun as much as possible.

They also shouldn’t be planted where onion crops have already been growing. The alliums don’t like cold weather and freshly manured soils. They grow up to six feet in height and can spread one foot. They suffer from the same pests that attack the culinary onion.

2. Butterfly Bush



If you like shrubs, then this one is going to be the one you need – it’s both beautiful, and it’s going to bring those butterflies to the yard! These shrubs produce so many flowers from midsummer to autumn. These flowers come in blue, pink, red, violet, yellow, and white, so it’s up to you to choose your favorite. The butterfly bushes are easy to take care of. They require full sun position and need to be planted in well-drained soil. Plant them during autumn or spring and apply a thin layer of compost every spring.

3. Joe Pye Weed



These weed flowers are named after New England, which used them to help people with typhus. The flowers were also used as a pink or purple dye for textile. If you want to plant these pretty flowers in your garden, make sure to give them a sunny to partial shade position. They also need moist in average to rich soil. However, the flowers can tolerate wet soil but not overly dry conditions if the soil is not wet. The best time to plant the Joe – Pye weed is during spring or autumn.

4. Sedum Autumn Joy



Autumn Joy is the perfect pink flower for your garden! They bloom from August until November, and during this time frame, they can go from pink to copper. They grow two feet, both tall and wide. The Autumn Joy needs moderately fertile and moist soil where they can be planted in full – sun position – however, they can tolerate a little bit drier than this. What you’ll really love about this flower except that it is pretty and attracts the butterflies is the fact that it is most often trouble-free, meaning that the only thing you will have to deal with is snugs, snails, mealybugs, and scale insects, but not all the time!

5. Coreopsis



This daisy – look-alike flower is also known by another common name – thick seed. Most coreopsis flowers are yellow, but there is also a pink variety. Coreopsis tolerates dry soil and is also tolerant to a variety of soil types. It is also tolerant to more environmental conditions, which makes them easy to grow and maintain. They require full – sun position and well-drained soil. The best time to plant Coreopsis is during spring and make sure each spring to apply a thin layer of compost for the best results.

6. Butterfly Coneflowers



The purple coneflowers are native to the eastern United States. They require poor or lean soil; if you plant them in richer soil, they will have poor flowering and lush foliage. The purple coneflowers also require full sun position and partial shade in the afternoon hours to protect from hot sun rays. These flowers are really easy to take care of when it comes to watering. With normal rainfall, they don’t need additional watering because the purple coneflowers are drought-resistant.

7. Goldenrod



There are many varieties of this flower that are native to the United States, and there are more than a hundred in total and at least one for every climate. For the best results, grow the goldenrod in full sun position and well-drained soil, but the good thing about this flower is that it can be grown almost everywhere. The goldenrod is drought – tolerant, and because of that, it needs just a little watering. Another good thing that you will love about this flower is that if you plant it near a vegetable garden, it can draw bugs away but attract the right kind of insects.

8. Milkweed



These tiny, pretty pink flowers will certainly bring butterflies to your garden! The best time to plant the milkweed is in spring after the danger of frost has passed. Milkweeds can be propagated from seeds, cuttings, and root divisions. Plant the milkweed in light soils because that way, you’ll have better results instead of using heavy clay. The flower has poisonous nectar, which keeps the caterpillars safe from predators.

9. Sweet Alyssum



These pretty flowers come in white, purple, and pink, as you can see. Together, they make such a beautiful huge bouquet! The sweet alyssum requires damp soil and needs a full – sun position with partial shade. However, they are frost-intolerant. They start blooming late spring until early autumn to encourage the flowering – trim. It’s best to propagate by seeds and don’t cover them because they need light to germinate. That’s the cheaper option as well! The sweet alyssums are members of the mustard family, and they have a nice fragrance!

10. Black-Eyed Susan



The black-eyed susans are considered to be one of the most popular wildflowers to be grown. They are native to North America and for best seed germination, plant them when the temperature has reached 70 degrees F and plant them in moist and well-drained soil. They also require full sun, but we’ll grow in partial shade as well. To prolong their blooming, always remove faded or dead flowers. After the first season, the black-eyed susans reseed themselves.

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