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Top 10 Best Perennials for Your Garden

Perennials are plants that live for more than two years. The long-lasting perennials are what you need in your garden. If you are just started gardening, pick perennials for your brand new garden; they are long-lasting and easy to manage.

Because they live long, the perennials don’t need much attention; mother nature will do its work by itself. They quickly adapt, but you should look for perennials that fit the climate in your area example: if you live in a hot place, where the summer is eternal, then you might want to plant the Blanket flower because it is heatproof and can last without water for a long time.

Scroll down and check out the easy-grow collection of perennial flowers.

1. Veronica



The Veronica is a tall, perennial flower that can reach up to 8 feet in height depending on growing conditions. It does not smell, but the colors and the view of this flower are amazing. The Veronica can be found in colors such as blue, pink, and white. This flower attracts birds, and it is drought tolerant.

2. Tall Garden Phlox



The phlox is a beautiful perennial that bears flowers from summer to early fall; it is fragrant and colorful. The best place for the phlox is a cottage garden or the back of your garden. They are tall perennials that can grow up to 4 feet in height. They come in a variety of colors and are drought tolerant.

3. Asters



Asters are the perfect fall perennials for your garden. They make the perfect flower bed because they can sour to 5 feet. They come in different colors such as white, blue, pink, purple, and red. They need no maintenance, only sunlight. They, as well, are drought tolerant.

4. Catmint



The catmint is the perfect informal hedge for your garden. They bloom in late spring and early summer. The color of the catmint is lavender-blue and is great for decorative landscaping. Combine it with some salvia and early astilbe, and your garden will have a combination of beautiful soft colors and textures.

5. Switchgrass



The glamorous switchgrass grows in mid-summer, and it is in olive green color. The cool thing about this perennial is that the long leaves turn gold in fall. It has no negative characteristics; it basically serves as a decorative/ ornament grass that needs no maintaining.

6. Coneflower



The coneflower is a super tough perennial. The main visual characteristic is the large coppery center. It grows 2 feet tall, and the flowers are mostly 4 inches across. It blooms all summer long, and it attracts lots of birds and butterflies, that’s why it is a must in your garden.

7. Siberian Iris



Irises are flowers that love moisture, so the perfect place to grow this flower would be alongside water, but they can tolerate dry soil. They will give color to your garden all summer long. The Siberian Iris comes in various colors, such as white, blue, yellow, and violet.

8. Black-Eyed Susan



The Black-Eyed Susan is an American icon. Like most perennials, it is drought tolerant, and it loves the sun. It blooms in beautiful orange or golden yellow color. They are deer resistant and attract birds. This perennial will bring sunshine to your garden; seed them now in the middle or back of the bed.

9. Daylily



The pallet of colors that the daylilies offer is endless, from white to red, yellow, pink, etc. They love the sun but will grow in light shade. They are a summer perennial, tolerant to any kind of condition. They don’t need maintenance; just keep other weeds and grass away.

10. Chrysanthemum



Make a colorful firework in your garden with these beautiful flowers. The Chrysanthemum, sometimes called mums, is an autumn bloomer but can die after a couple of seasons. They come in different colors such as red, orange, purple, white, and yellow. They are easy to maintain.

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