Top 10 Easy Make-Ahead Desserts

TOP 10 Easy Make-Ahead Desserts | Top Inspired

Make-ahead desserts keep for days, weeks, or even for months! Bake when you have time; make sure to wrap them tightly in clingfilm and put them in the freezer. When you expect guests or fancy a homemade dessert, simply open your freezer, get the sweet stuff out and wait until it defrosts. Whether you have … Read more

Top 10 Frozen Desserts For Hot Summer Days

Top 10 Frozen Desserts For Hot Summer Days | Top Inspired

Frozen dessert is the generic name for desserts made by freezing liquids, semi-solids, and sometimes even solids. They may be based on flavoured water (shave ice, sorbet, snow cones, etc.), on fruit purées (such as sorbet), on milk and cream (most ice creams), on custard (frozen custard and some ice creams), on mousse (semifreddo), and others. When the temperature outside begins to soar, frozen desserts become the treat of choice. Cool … Read more