Top 10 Christmas Napkin Folding Tutorials

Christmas, as one of the most important days of the year, besides the joy it carries, is also related to tons of preparations, presentations, and organization for the big Christmas Eve with friends and family. A well-prepared host or hostess should have mastered all the tricks and tips and throw a festive and welcoming lunch … Read more

Top 10 DIY Thanksgiving Napking Rings

Top 10 DIY Thanksgiving Napking Rings | Top Inspired

If you are hosting this year’s Thanksgiving dinner party you are well aware that with so many things to do it is wise to start the preparations early. While concentrating on the big things, like the dinner menu, preparing the kids table and decorations, you might forget some small details that can make your Thanksgiving … Read more

Top 10 Wine Glass Decorations

Top 10 Wine Glass Decorations | Top Inspired

The wine glass is elegant, delicate, and very easily breakable glassware. It doesn’t take much to break the handle of the wine glass, so it often happens that you need to buy a new set of glasses because those you have left don’t match anymore. So what to do with those lovely mismatched wine glasses? … Read more