Top 10 Best Recipes Starring Beer

If beer is not something that you use for cooking as an ingredient, we totally recommend it to give it a try! Beer adds sugars and rich, earthy flavors to any food. The sugars aren’t sweeter but rather add depth. Beer can be a winning ingredient in a range of great dishes. It adds a … Read more

Top 10 White Chocolate Desserts You Must Try

Top 10 White Chocolate Desserts You Must Try | Top Inspired

White chocolate originates from the cocoa, but it doesn’t have the chocolate flavor we all know because the white one doesn’t contain the chocolate liquor that gives the color and the bitter taste. It doesn’t have cocoa solids, and that’s why sometimes white chocolate is not classified as chocolate at all. Even though for most … Read more

Top 10 Christmas Themed Snacks For Kids

Christmas is the holiday children love the most. It is that time of the year when wishes come true and magic is real. Their excitement for Christmas can truly be contagious, thus parents often find themselves wanting to bring more and more of that holiday cheer into their homes. After finishing the Christmas home decorations, … Read more

Top 10 Best Homemade Pretzel Bites Recipes

Top 10 Best Homemade Pretzel Bites Recipes | Top Inspired

Snacks. The most contagious thing ever. Especially when the football season starts or when you watch your favourite tv shows. Pretzels are on of the favourite snacks ever. Although you can simply buy them at the nearest shop, homemade pretzel bites are something else…You have to give them a try! Pretzel Bites Recipe via ¬† … Read more