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Teddy Swims Wife: Is He Married Now? [Covered Everything]

Teddy Swims, the guy with a killer voice and awesome style is shaking things up in the music industry. You’ve probably caught his epic cover gigs on YouTube, and he’s racked up well over 400 million views! And think about it, what? He recently teamed up with Ensure you look at Meghan Trainor’s heavenly performance of “Bad For Me” on the Late Show! Likewise, try to find her upcoming album, “Takin’ It Back,” planned for release on October 21st. Let’s explore every insight regarding Teddy’s own life, uncover a few intriguing realities about his partner, share interesting tattle about their relationship status, and uncover a couple of captivating goodies about Teddy himself.

Who is Teddy Swims?

Jaten Dimsdale aka Teddy Swims calls Atlanta home and is famous for his soulful R&B music.Despite his stage name, he’s just Jeten Dimsdale. “Swimming” represents his journey of blending parts of himself. He is very close to his parents, Fred Robel and Glenn Robel, although we are not yet sure of his siblings.

The man who blends R&B, soul, country and pop rose to fame from his YouTube cover of Teddy Swims. He’s been churning out EPs since dropping his first major single in January 2020 and released his debut album “I’ve Tried Everything Except Therapy” in 2023. 

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Is Teddy Swims Married?

Teddy Swims is not one to spill the beans about his love life. In 2016, he dropped a bombshell on Twitter saying his wife left him, which got everyone talking. Apart from some tweets supporting the marriage, Teddy has remained quiet about her ex ever since. Fast forward to 2022 and he shared a sweet Valentine’s post on Instagram of a gal named Nellie, hinting at a long-term relationship. While it looks like Nelly could be her ex from ’16, Teddy stays in a long romance, leaving us all wondering about her relationship status.

Who is Teddy Swims’s girlfriend?

Teddy Swims has had some relationship drama in the past. He used to live with Nelly and they got married, but all didn’t work out, and they separated in 2016. Now, he’s with Cassidy Cotton. While many speculate that Nelly could be his ex-wife, Teddy is very quiet about everything, preferring to talk about his music instead. Despite spilling the beans about his relationship in 2020, he has kept things low-key since then.

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Teddy And Nelly’s Relationship

Teddy Swims decided to spill the beans on his feelings for Nelly on Valentine’s Day 2020. He shared a mushy slideshow on social media, which showed cute pictures of them together, showing how he feels like his home. So Nelly with the same picture ara posted on her Instagram in response, calling Teddy her BFF and loving him forever.

Their lovey-dovey posts received tons of positive comments from fans, all about their happiness. But now, those posts are nowhere to be found, leading to speculation about what went down. While most people think Nelly is his ex-wife. Teddy, who was mentioned in the 2016 tweet, there is no concrete proof. Teddy may keep his love life low-key, but he wasn’t shy about expressing his love for Nelly on that special Valentine’s Day.

Teddy Swims Wife and kid

Nelly’s January 2020 post had fans gushing after hinting that a baby might be on the way, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Why Nelly left Teddy in 2016 remains a mystery, but they have since reconciled and reunited. In her post, Nelly talked about getting her son back and celebrating her tenth anniversary with Teddy, which got people talking even more. But despite all the rumors, we still don’t have conclusive proof that Nelly is the same wife Teddy referred to in the 2016 tweet. Teddy’s social media posts show no signs of marrying Nelly even after 2020, leaving everyone curious about his current relationship status

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Who is Cassidie Cottone?

Cassidie ​​Cottone is a talented artist who makes everything vivid and imaginative. You can check out her cool stuff on her website. where she sells prints and other cool gadgets. In addition, she has a YouTube channel where she shares her design process and gives advice to fellow artists.

When did Teddy swim and Cassie Cottone Meet?

Teddy Swims has united with another darling by the name of Cassidy Cotton whose cool artwork you may have seen on her Instagram. We don’t know much about Cassidy’s family, but she’s a black girl from sunny Los Angeles. Teddy and Cassidy officially married in 2021, shortly after Teddy and his ex-Nelly separated.

Both Teddy and Cassidy love body art, and are constantly posting about it on social media. They seem to hurt each other completely, both in their personal and professional lives. Their relationship began in 2021, as seen in their social media posts when Teddy and Nelly broke up. Their shared passion for body art and obvious love for each other suggests a deep bond, but only time will tell just how strong their bond is.

For now, Teddy Swims is enjoying what appears to be the best romantic ride of his life.

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Summing Up

Teddy Swims likes to keep his love life under wraps, and that’s cool. As fans, we respect her privacy and let her behave. We are here to support his music, no matter what. Oh, by the way, Teddy isn’t married, but he has a girl named Cassidy Cotton. They are all about love, body art, and posting cute things on social media. It’s clear that they’re totally committed to each other, and nothing is going to shake that up. They are on this journey together, sharing love, happiness and big dreams as they go.

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