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The Top 8 Ways To Show Someone You Love Them


How do you tell someone you love them? Well, you can just blurt it out. But are there other ways? 

Of course, there are! 

And you’re about to discover some more of them. Here’s how to tell someone you love them. 

Listen Actively

Becoming an active listener is an excellent way to show someone you love them. People want to be heard, and they will feel more loved when you listen to their problems. 

Actively listening is a significant skill and requires considerable practice. However, if you can master it, your relationship will improve and you’ll have much more to talk about. 

Write Them A Letter

Writing your loved one a letter on legal size paper is another excellent way to tell them you love them. It is nostalgic and reminds your partner of a simpler time when the internet didn’t dominate and communication was a little slower. Put their address on the front and pop it in the post and await their reaction. 

Don’t Scroll And Talk

Avoid the temptation to constantly scroll on your phone while talking. It’s distracting and it makes your significant other think there is something more important in your life than them! 

Leave Them A Note On The Side

Another cool way to show your partner you love them is to leave a note on the side just for them. You could write anything in it, even if it’s as simple as “Have a nice day.”

Show Public Affection


You can also show your partner affection in public to make them feel loved and appreciated. Doing this proves you want to be with them and you don’t mind what other people think about your relationship. You’re happy and content and feel proud of them. 

Send Them Cute Messages Randomly

Another way to show your partner love is to send them cute messages randomly when they least expect it. Little signs like these show you’re into them and you want to be with them. It also shows them that you are thinking of them and want to be close to them. 

Check In With Them Regularly

Many people show love by checking in with their partners regularly to make sure they are okay. Asking them simple questions about how they are and their day can make a big difference. They can talk about their problems and get advice about what to do next. They can also share their burdens with you and what’s affecting them at the moment. If they’re just happy, that’s also great!

Spend Time With Their Family

Showing you love someone is also about spending time with their family. This helps you integrate into their lives and become a part of their social circumstances. It also deepens your relationship with them because you are more involved and have more relationships surrounding you, helping to guide and nurture. It’s not just the two of you against the rest of the world. 

So, there you have it: some of the top ways to tell someone you love them. 

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