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Top 10 Adorable DIY Decorations with Christmas Lights

With ending of Thanksgiving celebration, it is time to brace up for the next big holiday – Christmas. This one is celebrated almost everywhere in the world and is not just for those limited to the other side of the Atlantic. Christmas is less than a month away and now is a good time to access what you are going to do for this holiday season and how you would like to spend the week starting with jingle bells and ending with a New Year blast. Home decorations are obviously on top of the agenda and we can’t imagine Christmas without lights which are  simple to execute and stunning in visual appeal. Here is a list of top 10 adorable DIY decorations with Christmas lights which are stylish and elegant at the same time.

DIY Glittery Globe Lights

adorable-decoration-christmas-lights_01DIY Tutorial via

Festive Metal Sign With Christmas Lights

adorable-decoration-christmas-lights_02DIY Tutorial via

Christmas Branch Topiary Tutorial

adorable-decoration-christmas-lights_03DIY Tutorial via

Christmas Decoration Ideas With this Dazzling DIY Rope Light

adorable-decoration-christmas-lights_04DIY Tutorial via

A Heart of Lights

adorable-decoration-christmas-lights_05DIY Tutorial via

DIY: Bottles Full of Light

adorable-decoration-christmas-lights_06DIY Tutorial via

Lime Green & Silver Christmas Mantle

adorable-decoration-christmas-lights_07DIY Tutorial via

DIY Christmas Star with Lights

adorable-decoration-christmas-lights_08DIY Tutorial via

Amazing Christmas Trees

adorable-decoration-christmas-lights_09DIY Tutorial via

Lighted Christmas Presents for Outdoors

adorable-decoration-christmas-lights_10DIY Tutorial via

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