2. Privet


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Privet can serve as an effective and very affordable fence. It’s important to consider your needs and space before you decide which type you will choose. Some plants can grow to ten feet or beyond if not regularly pruned. Privet is a relatively fast-grower. When given proper care, it will be between two and three feet higher every year.

3. Boxwood


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Evergreen Boxwood can be an excellent choices for a hedge. When you let the plant grow freely, it can sometimes reach twenty feet in hight. Boxwood is often sculpted into some interesting shapes but it’s also beautiful when it is not maintained very strictly. It looks nice even when it is smaller.

4. Arborvitae


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Arborvitae is not the fastest growing plant but this attractive evergreen tree can make really effective dense fence. It is one of the most popular plants used for borders because it is easy to maintain, it tolerates almost all soil conditions and it can withstand cold.

5. Photinia


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Photinia is often used as a fence. This beautiful evergreen plant with shiny leaves offers nice, sufficient coverage. You should regularly prune Photinia if you want it to stay healthy and keep thriving. It can also grow very tall. Normally it has thorny branches so be careful if you have kids.