The women with brown eyes are really lucky, they can wear almost every color that is out there! Brown is a mix of all the primary colors, so there are a lot of option for you.
If you want a neutral look, you can use the earth colors, for casual look you can use black eyeliner, with a little white to open the eye. And if you want your gorgeous brown eyes to stand out, you will see the color that are ideal for that below.
With this tips and a little imagination you can create beautiful makeup look that will be breathtaking. We hope that in this 10 ideas you will find your favorite look and make it come true. So, share your experience with us!

Neutral Earth Tones

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Black Eye Shadow

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White Eyeliner on The Lower Waterline

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Purple Tones

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Dark Brown Shadow

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Navy Blue

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Gold Shadow

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Green Shades

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Silver Eye Shadow

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Copper Shadow

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