Have you ever wondered how toilet paper rolls can be reused? Well, we’ve got the answer! There are numerous ways to reuse them and these are some of the most creative ones. They can be used to make wall art or to decorate your home, you just need to use your creativity and imagination and you’ll make awesome things.

It’s always advisable to improvise in your own way, to make things differently and in an unique way. However, anything you make will be your own work and will look amazing, you just need some inspiration, a will and a little time. This way you can make different outstanding decorations.

So, get crafty and try any of these wonderful projects for your home. You will be definitely satisfied with anything you choose to make from the crafts listed below. Enjoy!

Toilet Paper Tube Wall Art


via artsandcraftsdiy.blogspot.ro

This is a very interesting and easy project to make. All you need is some toilet paper rolls and some free time. Anyways, it’s very simple and quick, you’ll get it done in no time. It looks very beautiful on a blank wall and it’s a perfect decoration!

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Calendar


via morningcreativity.com

If you like giving presents as a regarding of someone or something, this is the ideal project for you. It’s very simple and easy to make. It doesn’t have to be just for holidays, any day can be a gift day, right? So, get crafty and try this amazing project!

Toilet Paper Tree Wall Art


via nodimedesign.blogspot.com

A family tree is something that every family needs to have at their home. But, in this case it doesn’t have to be a family tree, it can just be a simple, beautiful tree as a wall art decoration. An easy and interesting project to do. You should try it out!

Toilet Paper Ruffle Wreath


via lavendersbluedesigns.com

Interesting and easy to make, this project will look amazing anywhere. Not only for Christmas, but at any time of the year it makes a perfect decoration. You can make different things this way, it doesn’t have to be a wreath. So, you should try this cool project and decorate!

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamp


via blogalacart.com

You will love this project… and your kids too! This is a very cool way to use toilet paper rolls. It’s very simple, you just make a figure with the rolls, apply some color and leave prints. You can use this to decorate some wrapping paper for gifts or something, it looks lovely!

Toilet Paper Pillow Box


via fairivy.com

Another very interesting and cute way to use toilet paper roll. This is a great way to give a small present to your close relatives or friends. Simple and easy to make, and very sweet too. You can improvise, like paint the roll in some color, so that to make it look even cooler. Amazing!

Owl Paper Roll Craft


via thecentsiblelife.com

Unique and lovely way to decorate with  toilet paper rolls. These adorable owls are easy to make and are an ideal decoration for any room, especially kids room. Try this project and bring some color and joy to your home!

Toilet Paper Roll Printing


via limeriot.blogspot.com

An easy and creative project for reusing toilet paper rolls. You can print different things this way, it will look wonderful. In different, lively colors, this will make a perfect design for a bag, an old shirt or you can use it on a wall too! Try it out and enjoy your new colorful.. well, whatever you choose to print!

Toilet Paper Roll Mirror Wall Art


via simplybloomblog.com

If you have an ordinary mirror, this is the perfect way to decorate it! With some toilet paper rolls, you can make an amazing mirror frame and a wall art at the same time. It will look absolutely beautiful, you should definitely try out this awesome project!

DIY Floral Wall Art


via brightboldbeautiful.com

Flowers are a wonderful way to decorate anything. In this case, floral wall art is something which is truly outstanding and will bring a lively, warming atmosphere to your home. With some artificial flowers, toilet paper rolls and glue, you will get yourself an amazing wall decoration. Beautiful!