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Top 10 DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kits

The wedding they are one of the greatest and most important days in a person’s life, and more often than not, that goes double for the bride. It is one of those days that if you’re lucky you’ll only get the chance to do once, so they have to be absolutely perfect. It is a day we promise our love and companionship to the person we want to spend the rest of our life with and the partner we’ll start a family with, and that all starts with the wedding day.

The wedding ceremony takes a lot of planning and preparation, from choosing the venue, the gorgeous wedding rings, to the table setup, everything needs to be perfect, no matter how big or small the wedding is. There are a lot of decisions to be made for a wedding day, but that can pale in comparison to how many decisions a bride has to make to look as breathtaking as all brides do.

Unfortunately, despite the most meticulous plans and preparations, accidents do happen, and sometimes a small thing as a loose stitch, a blister on the foot, or even a smudge in the makeup can be disastrous for the bride. As a future bride or even a good bridesmaid, you need to be prepared for every one of those little accidents. Like a good girl scout, it is nice to have a wedding emergency kid that can take care of these possible disasters.

There are such bridal emergency kids available for sale, but if you know what to get, you can make one yourself. Here we’ll show you the top 10 emergency kids, some suggestions on what to put on them, and how to organize them. Brides-to-be and future bridesmaids, take notes.

Bridal Emergency Kit


A clear makeup bag is a nice choice for your starting your kit. It comes in different sizes, so it can fit all your items, and it will save you the time of rummaging through it to find what you need. After al, the best wedding planners say that the bridal emergency kit can contain up to 60 items.

Wedding Day Survival Kit


A customized tote bag with some fancy writing is also a nice choice if you want to keep it more discrete, and it has a lot more space that can hold bigger items like those extra pair of flats or flipflops, lint roller, combs, nail polish, hair curler, to name a few.


As we said, most of the time the small accidents cause bigger problems, like a broken nail, chipped nail polish, loose pearl or stitch on the gown, smudged makeup. Nail clippers, scissors, thread and needle, hairpins, ribbons… These are the basis of an emergency kit you must never forget.


We mentioned clear makeup bags, and as you can see, one might not be enough. To keep things organized you can group different items from the emergency kit in different makeup bags and putthem all in a  large decorated boxand give it a nicecaption. The bride will love it.


Emergency kids can also be packed as a gift by the bridesmaid to give to the bride on the wedding day, again with the essentials, chapstick, needle and thread, mints, toothbrush and toothpaste, scissors, tissues, bobby pins or even instant glue packed in a nice mason jar. The bride will love the gesture and will definitely feel more at ease.


You cn also use a nice wooden box to store all your beauty, hygiene, and apparel emergency items. It gives a nice rustic touch to the experience.


You might think that a tool kit has no place in a wedding, but have nice little compartment that can help you keep all those smaller items very neat and organized. You can decorate the box if you like, but what’s inside is what matters.


On a wedding day, it’s all about making the bride feel special, so as a bridesmaid, you can make a fancy emergency kit with some personalized notes in the items, that will calm the worried bride and eep that smile shining on her face.


Those bigger cylindrical clear bags are also very handy for a bridal emergency kit and you can find them even at the dollar store, along with most of the items that you’ll need to put in them. Deodorant, kleenex, q-tips, tide pen, they will all fit in there and you can decorate the bag with cute ribbons in the wedding colors.


For our last bridal emergency kit idea, we suggest getting a nice clutch for the bride where she can keep the bare essentials that she’ll most likely need, tissues, chapstick, bobby pin, bandaids. She can carry this with her at all times or have it in hand for those emergencies where you don’t have time to run to the big emergency kit and get them.

We hope these ideas will help brides make their wedding day at least a bit less stressful and the bridesmaids to be the heroes of the day. What would you put in a bridal emergency kit? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

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