Hello vegetarians! Did you know that a staple food for As should be Tofu? Vegetables are vital for blood type A and if they follow the diet, they can charge their immune system super fast with various minerals and antioxidants. Their system is just not designed for meat, so taking a lot of veggies and seeds that are rich in protein it’s a must. There is a food for every blood type that can be beneficial, neutral or food that should be avoided. Your system can digest some foods better than other. Blood type A people have very sensitive system, so they should eat what is good for them to control their health and weight. So, find out top 10 foods that are good for blood type A.


A great substitute for meat. It is high in proteins and low in fat. Excellent for loosing weight. Since A’s should avoid any type of meat, this is a perfect food for them.


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Red Snapper, Mackeral, Cod or Sardines, it’s your choice! Fish can influence your nutritional needs and it is the most beneficial food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.


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Veggies. The most important food for blood type A. They should be organic and fresh as much as possible. Broccoli, carrots, beets, garlic, spinach, onions, lettuce, parsley, pumpkin and kale should be on your top 10 list.


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Dairy products should be eliminated from your food menu. Except mozzarella. Well, that’s good to hear. There are so many delicious recipes with this amazing Italian cheese.


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Soy Milk

So trendy these days! And guess what? It’s on your diet list. It’s very nutritious drink full with proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is low in calories and exactly a drink that A’s needs.


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Black Beans

A’s blood type people are very sensitive and they need a food that can easily be digested in their system. So, cut the meat and eat properly. Black beans are here too.


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A’s need to eat food that their body absorbs more effective. Buckwheat is rich in easily digestible quality proteins, which makes it a perfect food for this blood type.


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Pineapples, cherries, plums, apricots and lemons should be the first thing that comes on your mind in the morning. They are made for A’s. But stay away from mangoes, papaya and oranges.


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Pumpkin Seeds

Since A’s are having problems with digesting meat, seed are great protein component. The seed are packed with important anti-oxidants and mineral important for your diet.


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Well, A’s are definitely lucky. They have a coffee in their diet! And the greatest thing about that is that coffee makes you fill full. Is the biggest source of antioxidants. So, coffee lovers, now you don’t have nothing to worry about!


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