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Top 10 Foods That Blood Type AB Should Avoid

People who are AB blood type have a different set of characteristics than people who are Type O, A or B. They should eat different foods and exercise in a completely different manner. Type AB reflects the mixed inheritance of their A and B genes. Type AB should avoid caffeine and alcohol, especially when you’re in stressful situations.

Type AB do best when their muscle tissues are slightly alkaline. So we advise you to avoid all smoked or cured meats. These foods can cause stomach cancer in people with low levels of stomach acid like type AB. Type AB can’t metabolize meat efficiently because of low stomach acid, so it is important to watch the portion size and frequency. Chicken has lectin that irritates the blood and digestive tracts of Type AB also. Is this diet matching your character and habits?




Type AB can’t metabolize meat efficiently because of low stomach acid, so it is important to avoid this kind of meat. Chicken has lectin that irritates the blood and digestive tracts of Type AB also. Tofu is a good protein supplements for Type AB. Nuts, seeds, beans and legumes present a mixed picture for Type AB. Eat nuts and seeds in small amounts and with caution. If you love beef will have to completely replace it with another type of meat and your life will be healthier. So you will never get overweight and abdominal pains.



Butter is the most common breakfast food in any table so that would be hard to leave it out. But representatives of the AB blood type have to replace something also delicious as butter free from fat. Characteristic of this group is that it have a low capacity of acid in the stomach and is hard to digest fats especially those containing butter.

Chicken Meat



Type AB has Type A’s low stomach acid, however, they also have Type B’s adaptation to meats. So we advise you to avoid chicken meat. Therefore, you lack enough stomach acid to metabolize them efficiently and the meat you eat tends to get stored as fat. Your Type B propensities cause the same insulin reaction as Type B when you eat beans, corn, buckwheat, or sesame seeds. Inhibited insulin production results in hypoglycemia, a lowering of blood sugar after meals and leads to less efficient metabolism of foods.

Pumpkin seeds



Pumpkin seeds are commonly known as Pepitas. Fresh pumpkins are available in the fall and winter. Most nuts and seeds are not advisable for Type AB. They contain lectins that interfere with Type AB insulin production so your sugar level will be increased. If your habit is to nibble pumpkin seeds and thus helps your mood, will have to make drastic changes in your food habits. Also you must not consume other types of seeds such as sunflower.

Beans and Lentils



Blood type AB has a weaker immune system, so you will benefit from the vegetables, which are high in vitamins and the more alkaline fruits, which can help to balance the grains that are acid forming in the muscle tissues. Tomatoes do not impose any ill effects on Type AB. Legumes and beans because of their composition that possess can hinder digestion of foods eaten in the rest of the day. So be careful and avoid these foods.

Green Beans



There is neutral group of food that could be included in the diet in any blood type. The neutral group of products consists of peas, white, green beans and northern beans, copper and tamarind beans. These products can be included in your diet often, but in small quantities. This food can “absorb” the stress. Even though people have different capabilities for accommodating stress, we ultimately all have a breaking point. Given enough stressors of a high enough intensity for a long enough period of time, anyone will maladapt. For a Type AB, when it comes to stress hormones, you most resemble Type O in your tendency to overproduce adrenaline.

Whole Wheat Bread



If you love breads and have type AB blood, then you will be jumping for joy with the long list of breads and grains that are beneficial to your overall health. There are only five bread and grain items that need to be avoided and are buckwheat, corn muffins, wheat, artichoke pasta, and noodles. As long as steer clear of these five items you can enjoy all the breads and grains. The main thing to remember is to add the ones that are most beneficial to help with your overall health and well being.




People who are blood type AB should eat nuts and seeds in small amounts and with caution. Although nuts and seeds are product made to be perfect source for protein and they contain insulin-inhibiting lentils. Eating nuts can be healthy but for other blood types but this blood type people can consume nuts after soaking them in glass of water for a few hours. In that way process of germination is stimulated so all enzymes and bed chemicals will be inactivated.




Coconut milk is made by combining equal parts water and shredded fresh or desiccated coconut meat and simmering until foamy and each coconut has several layers: a smooth, deep tan outer covering, a hard, dark brown, hairy husk with three indented “eyes” at one end, a thin brown skin, the creamy white coconut meat and, at the center, a thin, opaque coconut juice. The smooth outer shell is usually removed before the coconut is exported. So we advise you to avoid all kind of coconut products. You have to avoid this kind of fruit because enhances effect of other food toxins.

Cow’s Milk



Individuals with Type AB blood are prone to mucus excess. If this is your blood type, watch for sinus attacks, respiratory issues or ear infections. In that case, you may want to cut out specific diary foods such as butter, American cheese, whole milk, provolone cheese and Parmesan cheese. Whole cow`s milk is “poison” for your body. This kind of enemy you should strongly avoid so you will never gain weight.

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