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Top 10 Friendly Fruits For Diabetics

These sweets are even better. Instead of eating chocolate and all other sweets that can harm your health and weight as well, we have a better solution and suggestion. Since your blood sugar level is already higher than it is supposed to be, you gotta find a way to satisfy all of those sweet and dessert cravings.

There are so many fruits that are sweet and delicious, that you won’t even feel anymore you have diabetes and you have to watch everything you eat. Of course, a certain diet is a must but with these little health bombs, you won’t even feel it.

Plus, they all help you in many other health aspects. From the immune system to energy boosters. Try it and feel it. You will be happier than ever.




Even though grapes are very sweet and rich in sugar, they fall under the low Gl category. But, you have to keep your eye on portions. 10 larger or a bunch of smaller ones, it is quite enough a day. Anything more than that could possibly cause high blood sugar in long term.




The best suggestion of fruit for diabetics. Guavas are very low in Gl and high in fiber, which is the best combination to balance your blood sugar level. Also, an antioxidant and very rich in vitamin C. Health all the way.




What a fruit. Rich in everything. As an antioxidant, it is rich in minerals such as iron, fluoride, and potassium. It is also very helpful to your digestive system, and to your blood sugar level as well.




We are sure vitamin C is popping in your mind right now. Correct, oranges are super-rich in that. But also, they are very low in Gl and definitely help you in balancing your blood sugar level. It even lowers your cholesterol. So, time to start believing in oranges.




Grapefruit is a natural antioxidant, rich in vitamin C, which helps the body’s resistance against infections. It also contains flavonoid naringenin, which increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin and it helps you keep a track of your weight, which is very important for diabetics.




Another fruit, available throughout the year. Also, low in Gl and very rich in vitamins and minerals which help you regulate your blood sugar levels lowers your cholesterol, and helps you in boosting your immune system.




Good news for you guys! These sweet, perfect cherries that you can’t resist in summer are actually very good for you too. They are very low in Gl and they even help you in balancing your blood sugar level. They also have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.




Heaven on earth. All of you that were afraid of the peach’s sweetness and deliciousness, good news. It is 100% low in Gl and one of the best antioxidants existing. Avoid canned and syrupy peaches. Enjoy its natural juice and let it help you with your health.




Apples should be a must for diabetics. It is available to you anytime, and the easiest snack to pack. They are high in pectin, a soluble fiber, which helps lowering cholesterol and it regulates blood sugar.




What a treat. Strawberries and all other berries are very low in Gl. Meaning, they can help you from many aspects with your diabetes and many other health benefits. Whatever you do, make sure these are on your mind.

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