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Top 10 Fun and Healthy Edible Thanksgiving Centerpieces

When presented with an elaborate meal, like the one traditionally served at Thanksgiving dinners, people rarely eat the light fruit and vegetable appetizers that are right in front of them. However, you might fool your guests and your children into nibbling on some fruits and veggies before the main course if they are presented in an interesting and appetizing way, for example in the shape of a turkey or a cornucopia.

Those decorative appetizers can also serve as fun edible centerpieces which are fun for everyone, so why not try making some with the help from these top 10 edible Thanksgiving centerpieces.

A Fun, Healthy Idea for the Thanksgiving Table


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Happy Thanksgiving


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How To Make An Edible Thanksgiving Centerpiece


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Veggie Turkey Centerpiece Recipe


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Make A Bread Cornucopia For Thanksgiving


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The Fruit Kabob Turkey


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Cornucopia of Creativity: Turkey Veggie Tray


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Cornucopia – The Thanksgiving Centerpiece For Your Table


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Thanksgiving Day Turkey Vegetable Platter Centerpiece


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Fruit Turkey For Your Table


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