TOP 10 Galactic DIY Nebula Projects

Now you must be asking yourself what on Earth is nebula? Actually, it is nothing you can find on Earth as nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. So. yes, nebula is totally out of space! But with the galactic trend that is so popular right now, we thought that you would love to have a piece of something so awesome in your home or into your fashion. We are sharing 10 galactic DIY nebula projects that are cool, unique and diverse so everyone can find something they like. Let’s make something different, something mysterious, romantic, enigmatic… Choose your favorite project and do share your result with us in the comment section bellow this article!

DIY Nebula Nails



If you want to do something special with your nails that is not too girly or fussy then this nebula inspired nails are the perfect choice. For making them you will need: black nail polish, 2 or more colors for marbling, glitter top coat, water, in a disposable cup and some tape. When you have everything ready just follow the tutorial and you will have nails that are totally out of space!

How To Make Bottled Nebula



Bring a bit of color of out of space into your room! This bottled nebula is a perfect decoration that is easy to make and effective. To make it you will need: a transparent jar or bottle with a good lid, cotton balls, glitter, water, food coloring or fabric dye (choose pinks and blues for best results, but you can choose any color that you like), a pencil, straw, or other small stick. Voila!

Nebula Galaxy T-Shirt Tutorial



We simply love how this t-shirt turned out! Such an awesome way to turn a plain shirt into something unique and original. The tutorial we are sharing is very detailed, with step-by-step photos that will help you make this t-shirt without a problem. Make this nebula shirt and shine like the star you are!

DIY Galaxy Purse



If you have an old leather purse that desperately needs to be refashioned then you will love this idea! What we suggest is spacing up your old purse and make it look fabulous. What you’ll need for this project is of course – paints. Use speedball fabric inks in black, blue, red, yellow, glowing green, white & yellow. You will also need a paint palette & a fine paint brush.

Nebula Shoe Tutorial



Get a pair of canvas shoes (choose any color you like, they don’t have to be black), white chalk, transparent gesso, sandpaper, acrylic paint, paint applicator of choice, masking tape, an old toothbrush and acrylic varnish and create this galactic nebula shoes that are totally cool and awesome.

DIY Galaxy Cuff



With the galaxy trend being all around us, why not make this galaxy cuffs? They look so cool! For making them you will need cuff base, sponge, palette, black spray paint
and nail polish. As you will need many colors of nail polish to create the nebula effect, you can use acrylic paints instead.

DIY Nebula/Galaxy Shirt



This shirt looks amazing! We love the galaxy inspired look. To create it you will need a plain t-shirt, bleach, acrylic paint, a tooth brush, spray bottle and a trash bag. You probably already have everything in your own home so this is a very budget friendly project. When you have everything prepared just follow the easy, detailed tutorial on the link above.

Galaxy Dress



Why always wear a plain black dress when you can turn it into a fantastic galactic nebula inspired fabulous peace of fashion? This tutorial will show you how to easily do it without spending a ton of money on a new one. We love the details on this dress, the small planets that are on the front of it. So fun and unique!

DIY Nebula Nails



Nebula nails are so fantastic we just had to share another tutorial! You should use a black base coat and then a pallet of sparkling nebula inspired colors to create the look. Use a makeup sponge for the white patches and base colors. You will be surprised of how easy this tutorial is!

Bottle Nebula



We can’t help ourselves, we are totally in love with Nebula bottles! They are the ultimate galactic home decor and so easy to make. What we are sharing here is actually a simple video tutorial so you can easily make this nebula bottles. The tutorial is in Spanish, but you have the video and hey – you can always use Google Translate :).

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