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TOP 10 DIY Decoration Ideas For New Year’s Party

One more night left to go until the last night of the year! Whether you are celebrating it somewhere out or staying at home with your friends and family, you can dress up your home to make this night even more memorable. The only thing you will need to remember is to make everything glitter. Use golden balloons, garlands, confetti poppers, glittering table setting and make your home sparkle. We have collected ten fun DIY projects that won’t break the bank and some of them can be easily made with Christmas ornaments. The best thing about them is that you can use them next year again.

1. Balloon Ceiling with Photos


Balloons are a great and inexpensive way to decorate your living room for New Year’s party. You can create a colorful layered and textured ceiling and even hang some photos off them. Your friends will love it, just simply print out your best moments of the year!

2. DIY Sequin Letter Garland


Here is a fantastic project that you can reuse on every party or create your own letters, it is entirely up to you. To create this beautiful sparkly and metallic decoration you will need sequin trim, cardboard and glue. It’s a quick and easy project that you can make in a few hours!

3. DIY Glittered Party Hats


The must have accessories for every New Year’s party are party hats. These adorable glittered hats will add glitz and glam to your evening! They are fun, festive and easy to make. Get some basic supplies and gather the kids for a fun DIY party hat project.

4. DIY Confetti Poppers


Confetti poppers might make a mess but they are so much fun! Not only the kids but adults will love it as well. You will need some tissue paper, toilet paper rolls, glue, scissors and confetti to make your own poppers.

5. DIY Personalized Glittered Champagne Glass


Here is a fantastic idea if you are looking for a fun way to personalize champagne glasses for your New Year’s party. The tutorial shows two different ways to make sparkling champagne glasses. This easy project will make a great hostess gift as well. , or wonderful toasting glasses… but even if you aren’t planning a wedding these glam glasses make drinking champagne even more fabulous!

6. New Year’s Eve Garland


All you need to make this New Year’s Eve Garland is some card stock (cardboard or cereal boxes will do the trick), tinsel garland, ribbon, hot glue and scissors. You can print out the numbers easily and have your garland ready in less than an hour.

7. DIY Disco Ball Stirrers


These tiny disco ball stirrers are the perfect accessory to any party. They add a touch of sparkle and fun to your table and the real tiny glass squares create extra sparkle. Keep an eye out for mini disco balls at your local party store and turn them into cocktail stirrers.

8. DIY Disco Ball


This might be a bigger project but a disco ball is something you can reuse at any birthday party. It’s a simple paper maché balloon fringed with holographic ribbon. By the way, similarly to this idea you can create a disco ball costume, check out the link above.

9. Edible Cupcake Toppers


It’s true that the devil lies in the detail. This is an adorable way to decorate your cupcakes according to the occasion. You can actually buy these elegant 2016 clock cupcake toppers or create your own design. Purchase some edible gold glitter and sprinkle it over any cake or dessert!

10. DIY Gold Brushed Balloons


Here is a last minute idea if you want to give traditional birthday balloons new life. You can transform plain balloons into beautiful party decor in just a few minutes. You will only need gold paint and a brush.

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