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Top 10 Fun and Easy Washi Tape Projects You Can Make in 10 Minutes

The washi tape comes originally from Japan and it became so popular not so long ago. It is made from natural fibers and usually from trees that are common in Japan. The tape can be very practical and since it can be found in many designs and colors, it is perfect for decorating and DIY projects.

It can be used for many different projects, starting from birthday cards to wall art. If you like doing things on your own, then you really need to try the washi tape. Check out the list below with ten amazing projects using it. All of them are really easy and won’t take much of your time to be done. What you’ll get is a pretty project and fun times making it.

1. Washi Tape Cards



Instead of writing down things on regular, plain white cards, try to make them a little bit prettier. Thanks to using the washi tape and their amazing design, you can decorate them in different colors and patterns. This project is really simple to make and it will be done in no time. The only thing you need in order to make is washi tape and cards.

2. Washi Tape Keys



Why having the regular metal keys, when you can have them decorated? Buy some washi tape and experiment with the looks of your keys. Put different washi tape on each. That way your keys will not only be useful, but pretty too. This project is done in less than five minutes, so if you were looking for something very, very easy, here’s your thing.

3. Washi Tape Frame



Sometimes the frames we want to have won’t make our wallet happy. But, instead of worrying over about how some things are expensive, we can use what we have and make ourselves what we want. Before throwing bunch of money of expensive picture frames, check out the washi tape section and see if you can find a pattern that will steal your heart away. The difference will be that the washi tape is cheaper and can make your frame look from simple to cute in minutes.

4. Washi Tape Iphone Case



For this project you need an old Iphone case, washi tape with design by your choice, Exacto knife and a can of Crystal Clear. It’s really simple to make the design you want and it will take you few minutes, but you will need to leave it to dry overnight, so that you can start your morning with a new case and you are going to love it even more because it was done by you.

5. Washi Tape Mini Bunting



The washi tape can be useful even when it comes to parties. The project is very simple. You just choose the washi tape design you want, stick it together and with scissors shape it the way you want. You need a yarn as well. You can experiment with the colors of the washi tape and the yarn in this project. Go ahead and have yourself a colorful, decorated washi tape party.

6. Washi Faux Feathers



This project especially comes in hand if you prefer birthday gift wrappings on your own. That way you can use any material you want. With the washi tape you can experiment a little bit more here and do something very cute such as these faux feathers. You just use the scissors in order to make the shape and after having them done, use the feathers as your gift wrapping decoration.

7. Washi Tape Jar Vase



Your home needs some new decorations every now and then. That doesn’t mean that you are going to need to spend tons of money on all kinds of things. In fact, you can make some changes by yourself and that will cost you less than you think. This vase project is one of those things that you can easily do it by yourself with just few dollars. In this case, you only need a jar, washi tape, scissors and flowers.

8. Washi Tape Candle Lights



Another homemade decoration that can make your home look prettier. It’s all in the details and again, the washi tape can even help you with that. You just need to wrap the washi tape aroung the tea lights. This project is an excellent way to add color in your home, especially if you use bold washi tape patterns.

9. Washi Tape Journal



Writing can no longer be done in a dull, plain diary. Pick up some colorful washi tapes from your local store and start playing with the materials. For this project, you should have moleskine journals with kraft covers, washi tape, gold foil tape and scissors. After having all the materials you need, make your journal prettier and enjoy more in writing in it.

10. Washi Tape Car Track



Washi tape can be useful not just for some home decorating, but when it comes to your children’s fun time. Every kid would like to have a carpet with a car track design on it, but if you don’t have the money to buy it or simply think that this is more creative, than this project is really for you. Just get some washi tape in few colors and make your own little neighborhood.

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