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Top 10 Healthy Thanksgiving Apple Turkey Snacks

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a wise age-old saying that children just don’t seem to like or obey. The apple is probably one of the healthiest fruits available, but parents and kids wage a constant battle against eating any fruits and vegetables. Therefor, parents need to become more cunning and creative if they want to win the war. Every holiday is an excuse to trick the kids into eating different fruits and vegetables and Thanksgiving is no exception. That’s why we offer you the top 10 Thanksgiving turkey apple snacks that will help you make apples more tantalizing, fun and interesting for kids to eat.

Caramel Apple Turkey-Thanksgiving


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Turkey Fruit Snacks!


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Apples and Peanut Butter Turkey Treats for the Kids


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Thanksgiving Turkey Chocolate Caramel Apples


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Thanksgiving Healthy Snack For Kids


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Thanksgiving Apples and Dip


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Thanksgiving Snacks & Goodies


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 Turkey-Shaped Apple Tarts


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Caramel Turkey Legs


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Mew Kids Turkey Teaser


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