Who doesn’t love pizza? It is so tempting and you just can’t say no to slice or two. There are many kinds of pizzas, but the best ones by our opinion are the ones that you make by yourself, in the comfort of your home and with your own hands. You surely enjoy them the most.

So, for that reason, we took time to find the best homemade pizza recipes for you, because we know that you deserve only the best. Below you will find that kind of recipes that take your breath away, and make you want to eat the monitor, or just go to your kitchen, roll your sleeves and start making this pieces for heaven. If you was thinking what king of pizza to eat for your next friday night, we recommend you to try some of this suggestions. Bon appétit!

Cheese Pizza


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This is a very simple recipe, and the person that made this calls it  the“light” alfredo recipe. The combination of the ingredients is just a win-win combination, and this is one super tasty pizza. Go ahead and try it!

Chicken and Mozzarella French Bread Pizza


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This is a great way to make a tasty breakfast or to decorate your table with this rich looking and tasting french bread pieces with pizza flavor.

Garlic Bread Pizza


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If you are a garlic lover that you will surely love this! First of all it looks amazing, and taste the same way too. This recipe is famous in the most of the restaurants, but if you want to do it in the comfort of your home, below the picture you will find the link for the whole recipe.

Roasted Garlic Chicken White Sauce Pizza


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If you are looking for a recipe that is easy to do, and will 100% be successful, give a look at this roasted garlic chicken recipe, that will wow everyone. It is tasty and will leave everybody asking for more.

Cheese Pizza With Homemade Pizza Dough


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In this recipe you will find one big pizza secret: the key to the best pizza lays in the crust. If you want to find out more about this secret and learn the recipe for this ridiculously delicious pizza, click on the link.

Cobb Salad Pizza


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If you want to do something different with your friday night pizza, we suggest you to try out this cobb salad pizza, that is just simply breathtaking. You can always switch some ingredients for your favorite ones, but in the end you will still get this gorgeous piece of heaven to your table.

BBQ Chicken Pizza


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Learn how to make this barbeque chicken pizza all by yourself, instead of wasting money for something that you don’t even know what exactly is made of. Try it out.

French Bread Pizzas


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The french bread pizza is just so much easier option when you are looking for the easiest and fastest method to make one, but it surely is not the least tasteful tho! They are small and cute, and they are just tempting you to try them.

Shrimp Caprese Pizza


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This is one simple and delightful recipe: chopped tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and shrimp. But sometimes less is more, so don’t get fooled by that. It’s light, fresh, and perfect for relaxed nights.

Pizza Bread


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We saved the best for the end! This is one recipe that is so unique and inspiring, and you should try it out ass soon as you can, because you don’t know what you are missing lades!