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Top 10 Life Hacks Every Woman Have to Know

In this busy world it is very easy to get stressed over the smallest things. We know that being a woman it is not easy. You have too many things to think about clothes, shoes, hairstyle, make-up etc. But stop stressing over the small things when you have life hacks. All you really need to do is breathe and try to find a better way. To make your lives a little bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 life hacks every woman have to know to free up some time to focus on the more important things in life. Click through to check out our guide of stylish solutions that will simplify your life, guaranteed.

1. Tuck Non-skinny Jeans into Boots



You are wearing your favourite pair of non-skinny jeans and you want combine them with your boots. Don`t worry, here you can find a great hack how to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots. Very clever, right?

2. Remove Deodorant Stains

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How many time it happen to you to put your dress, t-shirt or blouse and notice that it has notice big, ugly white marks all over from your deodorant. Here you can find quick solution how to remove deodorant stains.

3. Straighten Your Clothes with Flat Iron



Here you can find one trick for easily ironing the clothes, for example cuff of your sleeve, when you don’t feel like breaking out the iron and the ironing board. You can just use a hair straightener! It will take you a few minutes to get everything pressed and ready to go for the day.

4. Use Paper Clip to Hide Your Bra Straps



To easily convert your bra to a racer-back top, grab a large paper clip, loosen the straps of the bra and thread the paper clip through the two straps. And voila your bra straps are hidden!

5. Upgrade Your Old Shoes



You can easily upgrade your old shoes with the fabric. It is time for a makeover! Choose your fabric design and make your perfect pair of shoes to combine then whit your everyday wardrobe.

6. Knot a Belt



Here comes a new great tutorial that every Fashionista needs to have on her phone, computer or Pinterest. This tutorial shows super cool ideas to knot belt. Very fashionable and chic for every woman and style!

7. Create a New Color from Old Lipsticks



Every woman has lipsticks that have grown tired of or bought online but wish were a little softer/brighter when they arrived. Here you can find cool trick to make your own shade of lipstick.

8. French Manicure with Rubber Band



Make yourself wonderful French manicure with the rubber band. So easy to do, and turns out amazing!

9. Tie a Scarf in Perfect Way



For a stylish look tie a scarf in perfect way. But you are stumped for creative ways to tie your neck scarves. Try these tips!

10. Clear-coat Your Rings



If you are sensitive to cheap rings you can simply coat the inside of rings with clear nail polish. This can help prevent your fingers turning green from the metal too. It seems to last well.

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