The black and white photography is one of the most favorites among the artistic souls. No matter if it is a portrait or a scenery, the black and white simplicity delivers the very essence of the captured moment. Let your artistic eye wanders through the black and white world , abstracted from the various colors that often take away the focus from the points that really matter. I have chosen 10 amazing black and white photos that you definitely shouldn’t miss seeing. Which is your favorite one?

The Eiffel Tower And The Raven

eiffel-raven-01Photo by Michael Rajkovic

The Reader

The-Reader-1Photo credit to

Silver Lining

Silver-Lining-1Photo by Eva Creel

Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Spain

Gothic-Barcelona-1Photo by Frank van Haalen

Hidden In The Fog

Hidden-In-Fog-1Photo by Long Bach Nguyen


Concentration-1Photo by Milan Hospodka


boy-1Photo by Raquel Chicheri


BalerinePhoto by YoungGeun Kim

Miss-You-1Photo by Benoit Courti


Lovers-1Photo by Christopher Etchells