Winter has its own way in turning even the most common landscape in a fairy tale scene. Don’t you agree? Weather if it is a forest, mountain, river, or just the street in front of our home covered with snow, the view in front of your eyes is a sight that stays in our minds long time. The magic that is spread during a snowy day awakens the asleep child that every single one of us is carrying inside. In the list below I have gathered the most wonderful snowy scenes that the winter brings to us. So, where do you prefer to spend a snowy day?

Winter Landscape

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Tree Shadows In The Snow

Tree-Shadows-In-The-Snow_02Photo credit to Paulo Barnadao


Waiting_03Photo credit to Megan Sauter


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White Horse In The Snow

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Deep Snowy Night

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Dog Love

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A Snowy Night In The City

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Winter Sun

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