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Top 10 Most Stunning Photos Of The Northern Lights

The amazing Northern Lights, officially known in the Northern hemisphere as Aurora Borealis, are natural phenomena that feature amazing colored light displays over the Earth. Although they look calm, the Northern Lights are produced by millions of explosions of magnetic energy.

In 1621, a French scientist, Pierre Gassendi, saw the lights in the north and named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora. He added the word “Borealis” for the Roman god of the north wind, Boreas. Through the following photos, you can enjoy the magical view of these magnificent colored lights written in the sky.

Church Under The Northern Lights, Iceland


Photo by Þorsteinn H Ingibergsson

What can be admired through the picture is the ability of the photographer to have been able to take such a magnificent shot of all different wonders both from our planet and its galaxy. Þorsteinn H Ingibergsson clearly has a lot of talent and expertise behind him. The way he showcases the moon with its salmon pink color, alongside the green northern lights perfectly matching the patch of grassland contrasting the church is sublime.



Photo by Francesco Ferrarini

This is so magical. It can almost leave someone speechless, even the most extravert and most talkative person on the planet. It fulfills us with wonder, it could make us calmer and strangely, relaxed. Even thinking of it, energized. Francesco Ferrarini shows his efforts of work that evening and took a remarkable, beautiful shot of the forest appearing to all be singing and dancing as a unity. Makes us wonder and think about how special and important our forests are.



Photo by Haakon Nygard

Haakon Nygard, a Norwegian landscape photographer took a magnificent mountain range photograph filled with snow. One cannot resist the temptation of wishing to lie down on what looks like a rock, similar-looking to a lounge chair to be able to observe the night skies and one of nature’s most extravagant and beautiful phenomena. The emerald green turning into a turquoise going towards the white peaks of the snow mountains seems simple but sure isn’t.

Light Blue


Photo credit to

The rather talented photographer magnificently took what expresses every shade of blues and greens with the most magnificent of reflections from the lake. Having this reflection on the water doubles up the intensity of the picture. It almost seems as if hundreds of shooting stars entered Norway’s atmosphere smashing into the mountain range and also into the water. A feast and indulgence for the eyes.



Photo by Patrick J Endres

Patrick J Endres is an award-winning artist in our eyes having taken and focused most of his work on the Aurora culture. And we can see the reason being behind it. It is fascinatingly stunning. Simply stunning. The different rainbow-like shades are terrific and taken with lots of elegance. Feast your eyes to many of the artists’ lit skies on his web page. Well worth the visit.

Northern Lights In Iceland


Photo by Gudjon Otto Bjarnason

Yet another awesome capture but this time from photographer/artist Gudjon Otto Bjarnason spends most of his time in Iceland where he takes wonderful shots of one of nature’s most stunning expressions. The ability to have taken this shot with the near-perfect mirror image over the water is truly something. The purple on the sides makes an impact that makes our eyes wonder without the feeling of simple continuity. Plenty to take from this.

Rainbow Colors


Photo credit to

It almost feels impossible to even think that this photograph has been tampered with. One can only be gobsmacked by simply looking at it and wonder how possible this could be. Yet, no CGI, no photoshop, as in nothing. The nature felt like a painting, evening relaxing watching over us and entertaining our curious senses. It’s crazy to think that on our planet this exists. It’s a terrific imagination that makes some of us keep on dreaming.



Photo by Arild Heitmann

Arild is best known for his photos of the Aurora Borealis. In fact, he was one of the first photographers, if not the first, to compose pictures of the northern lights with the landscape below as the focal point. And what a treat, what a feast for the eyes. Is astonishing how he could have taken a shot like this. If you are on your phone, turn it upside down. You will have no idea which is the right way up. It’s an utter genius in our eyes. Brilliant fun that could play a lot with our minds. That’s what photography for us is all about. Creating wonder and making us forget where we are momentary.

Beach Under The Northern Lights, Norway


Photo by Snorri Gunnarsson

Has Snorri Gunnarsson drawn this up onto the most advanced drawing software on the planet? Sure looks like it but nope, he used skills and a lot of patience having taken this near-perfect shot. The “cloudy sea” could make us feel like walking on top of the marshmallow-looking water. Or perhaps was this the sky and is what’s up the sea? Very smart photography and beautifully taken photos of the blue diamond sea with its very own Aurora on top of it entertaining all marine life in the process.

Road To The Green Light


Photo by Lord Muzzy

This could remind us of famous movie scenograpgy shot!? And what a better tribute than the extraordinary and picturesque photographic representation? Photographer Muzzy sure has a talent and we hope to see more of him. One can only wonder what it would be like traveling on this road towards the Aurora. And I wonder how long one might stop to admire the view.

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  1. All of these photos of beautiful. I have been to Alaska and seen the Northern Lights in all colors of the rainbow. There are no photos that can capture the beauty of what you see when you are actually there in person. The movement and sound is not something that can be captured on film of any kind. It could only be a creation of God and an experience to be enjoyed in person.

  2. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of God’s creations and the way you have captured it simply takes my breath away! Not sure if I will ever have the opportunity to see it in person so for this collection I sincerely thank you.


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