Top 10 Tips How To Grow Lavender


It is relatively easy to grow lavender regardless of how experienced you are. This fragrant flower can beautify every home surroundings and bring amazing relaxing scent to it. The plant is spreading really fast almost like a weed. There are many different ways in which we can use Lavender.

One more reason why you should consider including this amazing flower into your garden is the variety of health benefits it can offer.

Here are some helpful tips that will make it even easier for you to grow the plant on your own.

1. Choose the right type



There are many different types of lavender so the first task is to find the right one for your home. Many factors can influence the decision which one to choose. Really important is to consider how much space you actually have. Where there is not a lot of it, good choice could for example be Lavandula angustifolia since it stays 12 to 15 inches tall. You should also take into consideration the climate of the place where you live.


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