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Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained While You’re Away from Home


Sometimes you may have a dog that’s very outgoing and wants to come along whenever someone opens the front door. Unfortunately, no one can take their pets everywhere except they are service animals. It’s normal for you to wonder what your dog might get up to while you’re away. However, rather than wonder, one can set up the home with things that would keep you’re their dog entertained while they’re away.

Experts recommend managing your space while you’re away so that the dog feels completely at home in your absence. To achieve this, you may have to remove all valuables within their reach so that they do not get in trouble while you’re away. You may also use a pet gate to demarcate areas where they should not enter and buy some comfort toys and union made products and other stuff a dog would love so that they dog keeps busy while along.

Here are a few other creative ways to keep your dog happy when they’re alone.

Hide Treats Around the House

Before leaving the house, spread the treats around the house. Dogs love finding them around through sniffing. It is both a fun playing game, and a time-killing trick. If you want to add some flavor, you can increase the difficulty. Put the treats in some boxes, or high places. This way, their brain power will increase as well! Remember to keep the dog away from rooms with valuables and breakable items.

Use Puzzles

You can hide toys alongside the treats, and let the dog try to take them out. You can buy dog toys that let you hide the treats in them so that your dog wins a treat every time they find a toy. This is not just an entertaining game, but also a productive activity.

Turn on the Television or YouTube

Some dogs love watching TV. Play some cartoon or dog videos for them on autoplay. Be mindful that not all dogs like this, so you should test your dog’s preference first. Also, don’t make this a routine, and mix this up with other points.

Open The Windows for Them

Dogs love watching out of the windows. It’s entertaining for them to see the outside world; people, trees, birds, and other friends. You will be surprised how much they concentrate there.  Remember to pull up the curtains, so they can get a good view. It’s also important to note that not all dogs love this. Some dogs would get riled up looking out of the window all day, so keep the blinds drawn when leaving such dogs home alone.

Hide The Treats in a Bowl Filled with Ice

In summer, you can fill a large size bowl and fill it with treats. As the ice melts, the dog will find treats under it. This creates a fun patience game for them. Also, since its summer, they can lick the ice cubes to stay fresh. Obviously, this is best set up in the backyard to avoid ruining the insides of your home. Look up interesting design ideas for pet spaces and create one for your dog.

Get Them a Friend

Dogs are social creatures who want to play games and communicate with each other. It’s a huge responsibility to adopt another pup, but doing so, will provide a best friend for your dog. Make sure they have similar sizes, energy, age, and personality. You would need to train the newer dog before you can leave them alone.

Contact a Dog Walker

Dog-walking businesses have become very popular in recent years. Dog walkers provide your dog with essential exercise they require that you may not have the time for. These professionals understand dogs, have experience walking them, and will dedicate their time to them.

Get Your Neighbor to Help You

If you have a neighbor who has a dog, then you can talk to them about taking care of your dog while you’re out and vice versa. Make sure you trust them enough. This way, the dogs will get their socialization and a caretaker.

Make Peepholes for Your Dog

If you have a backyard with a great view of the outside, then you can drill a few holes for your dog to see. There is always something entertaining outside, so just make it big enough that your dog can see what’s going on outside.

Have Lots of Back up Toys

Dogs love chewing on their favorite toys, and as a result, the toys don’t last that long. To avoid that, you should keep a bunch of them for your dog, so they have sufficient toys to play with, and if they ever break one, they can always take another.

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