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Top 10 Whole-Body Makeup Contouring Guide

Who needs plastic surgery when we have contouring? Now you can temporarily change some parts of your body that you like less or you would like to look different with the help of a contouring palette and a brush. Look at these amazing tutorials and find out the secret that most celebrities use to look flawless.

You should remember one thing: nobody is perfect, and you should love, accept and appreciate yourself just the way you are, and the makeup is just a way to help you enhance your natural features and get the most of them. Look at this as a form of art that gives you more confidence and space to use your creativity.

So ladies, grab your makeup kits, try this unique body art, and remember to have fun with it!

Breasts Contour



To make your breasts look more visually enhanced, contour them how it is done in the picture above. Remember not to exaggerate anything; look for the natural crease and contour it to make it more visible.

Collar Bones



The collar bones are so sexy, and if you are not born blessed with these beauties, you can easily draw them with the help of your contouring kit. Follow the natural bones and enhance them with makeup.




If you are not professional for contouring with a brush, here is a little trick that will be a big help for you: find thin paper in the form of a rectangle that matches the form of your nose, just the way your highlight should be. Place it vertically and start contouring.

Bigger Lips



We all know how to draw our lips while applying lip liner, but not many of us know the secret you can do with it. Look at this amazing tutorial that teaches you to get the lips of Angelina Jolie in just a few seconds! Follow the steps, find your favorite brown lip liner and a simple lip gloss, and start this awesome transformation.




The cheek contouring can change your entire face, so if you are a contouring fan, the first thing you need to master is that. Make the fishy or the kissy face to spot the place where the contour should be, and then with an angled brush, apply your bronzer. The difference will be visible instantly.




To fake that buff arms look for some occasions where you need to wear a sleeveless dress or top; you can use this trick. You can get strong-looking arms without going to the gym with the magic of makeup. Open the link above to learn more about this process.




To enhance your neck, make it slimmer, draw vertical lines similar to the picture with darker contour shadow, and blend it well. You can use the same that you apply on your face. We are sure that this trick will make many of you happy because a perfect neck is hard to achieve naturally.

Abs Tutorial



This is an amazing idea that we will help you so much if you want to wear a fake six-pack sometime. If done right, it shouldn’t be noticeable that it is actually makeup. In the picture, you have the whole process explained in detail, so we hope you will make it with ease!




If you think that you have a big forehead, you can make it smaller with contouring. Go over the hairline with a contouring brush, and with this step, you will add shadow and dimension to your face. This one works really well on everyone.

Highlighting Areas



Above we talked about contouring, but we shouldn’t forget the areas where you should highlight. With this help, you will attract light to your face and make it look brighter and fresh. The bridge of the nose, the center of the forehead, brow bone, under the eyes, and the chin are the places where you should concentrate the lighter colors.

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