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Top 2 Tips to Find the Highest Quality Diamonds

In terms of diamonds, the name of the game is quality as opposed to quantity. This is why purchasing one of these stones will provide you with an entirely unique investment (or sentimental) opportunity. In fact, gem-grade diamonds are actually much rarer than you may have thought. Did you know that a mere 30 per cent of all mined diamonds possess the qualities required to be cut into a gem quality stone for jewelry purposes??


This is why high-quality diamonds are somewhat expensive. As these stones begin to approach flawless or nearly flawless grades, the associated prices can increase exponentially. The good news is that finding truly stunning stones is much easier than in the past. Let us take a look at your two primary options and the variables attributed to each.

Physical Stores and Dealers

Purchasing a diamond with the help of a physical retailer is by far the most traditional option. Not only can this provide you with a decidedly hands-on feel, but you also have a brick-and-mortar contact point in the event of a problem or question. Still, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind including:

  • Store-bought diamonds tend to be more expensive due to the presence of middlemen.
  • It can be difficult to encounter loose stones at a jeweler, as the majority have already been mounted within a setting.
  • Some less-than scrupulous dealers are not certified by the proper organizations.
  • The variety of stones may be limited.

We can now begin to see why a growing number of consumers are choosing to purchase diamonds with the help of reputable online suppliers. What other benefits can you enjoy?

Online Diamond Suppliers

Of course, it is always important to verify that the online vendor in question is selling stones which have been properly graded by the American Gem Society (AGS) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Assuming that this is the case, there are several advantages directly associated with procuring online diamonds including:

  • You are often able to obtain high-quality stones at wholesale prices.
  • The selection tends to be much more expansive.
  • You have a wide range of carat weights, cuts and colors.
  • You always have the ability to compare and contrast the prices offered by different dealers.


Perhaps the main takeaway point is that much like the Whiteflash 2 carat diamonds here, you can examine each stone in minute detail. This will enable you to make the right choice at the appropriate time from the comfort of your own home. Such an added sense of convenience cannot often be replicated by physical retailers.

Whether you wish to purchase a diamond for an engagement ring or you are more interested in the investment opportunities associated with gemstones, quality should never be taken for granted. While there is nothing wrong with visiting your local jeweler, it is always prudent to examine current online offers. The chances are high that you will find amazing deals at amenable prices. 

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