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Top 4 Birthday Cake Recipes at Dinnerly

Dinnerly is best known to provide the delicious meals at an affordable price. This brand was launched by Marley Spoon with a motto to provide the culinary standard dishes to the middle class people. The Dinnerly is most popular among the kids and teenagers because of their exciting and delicious recipes including desserts. The Dinnerly recipes will cost you around $5 for each person and with the help of Dinnerly Promo Codes & Coupons you can always get an additional discount on your orders.

If you are having a birthday party in your house and want to bake a cake for your kids, or loved one in home then Dinnerly has got you covered with its delicious and yummy birthday cake recipes which you can get for $5 and can easily bake them by following few simple steps. These cake recipes are delicious and meet the culinary level and if baked perfectly then they will enhance the pleasure of your birthday and will give a soft and moist feel to everyone who bites the cakes. Today in this article we will discuess about the 4 best birthday cake recipes you can get from Dinnerly and can bake in your home easily in maximum 1 hour.

Cupid’s Warm Chocolate Skillet Cake

Skillet cakes are easy to cook and can be cooked in 30 to 40 minutes if all the steps are followed exactly as they are written. Dinnerly has the best skillet cake recipe which you can bake on the birthday occasion and everyone will surely love this recipe.


The Cupid’s warm Chocolate Skillet Cake recipe is easy to cook and Dinnerly will send you all the required ingredient in the meal box. Also, with the ingredients they will send you a cooking guide of the recipe which you can follow to bake this beautiful, moist, and delicious cake. 

This cake has a unique touch of cinnamon taste blend with a powerful taste of chocolate which will surely loved by all. The cake is moist and will melt in your mouth if baked perfectly. You just need to be careful with the temperature of your baking and you are good to go.

Spooky Fudgy Cobweb Cake

If you want to surprise your loved one with a unique looking cake then you should probably go for this Spooky Fudgy Cobweb Cake recipe by Dinnerly. This cake has a unique taste of cocoa powder and chocolate and has a unique web design on the top. What you will need to bake this cake is a skillet heated on a perfect temperature to capture the perfect moist and crust of this beautiful cake.


You can find all the useful and necessary ingredients to make this cake in the Dinnerly meal box. All you have to do is to put out the ingredients from the box and prepare them as per the instructions. Once done, bake the cake on required heat and your cake is ready. With the help of the cream you can make a web on top of the cake or any design you want to make and can serve it.

Aussie Summer Lamington Cake

If you are a strawberry lover then the Dinnerly has the perfect strawberry cake recipe for you which you can bake on your birthday or for anyone’s birthday. The Aussie Summer Lamington Cake is the most delicious strawberry cake you can bake at your home and it will only take you 50 minutes to bake and serve this beautiful cake.


The cake is filled with the strawberry jam and will give your mouth a fresh and delicious taste which you will never forget. Dinnerly will send you all the ingredients needed to prepare this cake and with the ingredients they will also send you the instruction so that you can easily prepare this cake and bake it for your special day. All the ingredients from the Dinnerly are fresh and because of that they will give you a fresh and authentic taste. 

Fudgy Chocolate and Walnut Cakes

Chocolate and Walnut Cakes are something that are loved by everyone but making it in home is considered to be difficult as you can’t find all the ingredients easily in the market. But thanks to Dinnerly and its Fudgy Chocolate and Walnut Cake recipe it is now easy to bake this beautiful and delicious cake in home.


This Dinnerly recipe is unique and meets the culinary quality. Dinnerly will send you all the ingredients with a cooking guide for the cake. You just need to follow the guide and you will be able to bake this cake at your home. For the extra taste and texture they will send you strawberries and chocolate sauce which you can put on this beautiful cake to give it more aesthetic and authentic taste. The recipe will take up to maximum 50 minutes to be prepared and served.

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