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Top 4 Tips for Making Your Backyard Sports Ready

Unfortunately, most backyards are not quite designed to be the perfecting sporting grounds. Balls get stuck in the tree, they slide over the fence to be claimed by the neighbor’s dog, or there just isn’t enough space for the player to satisfy those sporting needs. If you’re felling kind of stuck and don’t know where to begin to transform your yard into the perfect spot for a kick around in the summer evenings, then look no further. Here are some top tips for getting your back yard ready to have people running around, kicking, throwing and generally having a great time.


Install Artificial Grass

You see ‘keep off the grass’ signs all over the place. City parks, neighbors’ gardens, school campuses, outside the doctors, you name it. People do not like other people walking over their perfectly manicured grass, and you can’t really blame them. Having a lawn of real grass takes hard work and dedication to keep it looking ship-shape. Obviously, that’s the first thing that’s got to go if your yard is going to be sports ready. There is just no way you can keep it. Part with the grass, and fix up some artificial turf. It is extremely low maintenance, even with children rolling around and scuffing it up. It’s hardy and durable, which is perfect for all sports activities. 

Appropriate Landscaping 

Having pretty flowers and various plants around the yard is a nice idea, if you want them to get trampled on or flattened by a ball. It’s just not practical. Yes, they may give the garden a little bit more life and color, but it’s just not worth it. If your yard is big enough, create a separate space where no sports are allowed to build your flower patch or grow your vegetables, and make sure they’re protected from any incoming balls. To avoid any trips to the hospital, its best to remove any potential hazards from the sporting area. Steps are a big one, but water features also fall under this category. Landscaping the garden to have all the features and flora completely separate is essential to a successful sports yard. Mind you, watching someone fall in a pond? Priceless.

Installing Fencing and Netting

Having adequate fencing around the garden that is high enough to stop any soaring objects from being lost or injuring an unsuspecting neighbor is considerate and useful. You stay in the good books, and no one has to go knocking on doors to politely ask for their ball back. Fences can be useful for protecting other areas of the garden that you want to keep visitor ready, and they’re perfect for keeping house windows safe. Another option that is a little less intrusive is netting. Installing nets that can catch anything that flies off course will keep the yard feeling freer and more open than blocking it in with fencing. Combining the two is a fool proof way to ensure minimal breakages or breaches. 

Get the Right Equipment 

Arguably the most important aspect, for those taking part in the sport anyway, is the equipment. Having the right equipment makes a whole world of a difference, but what you buy depends on what you’re playing. A pitching mound is the perfect way to practice and play baseball at home. Just imagine how amazing your baseball skills will be if you can practice at home with a pitching mound, and these are all Little League approved. Get your kicks on point with goals and targets; flags and golf putting sets will have you swinging right into the hole. Maybe you want a mixture, or maybe you have a particular sport you want to focus on. But having the right equipment will make you sports proof yard much more worthwhile. 

If you’re looking to make your backyard the perfect place to practice, this is where to start. With low maintenance options and measures of protection, nothing could go wrong.

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