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TOP 6 Décor Tips To Make Your Home A Tropical Paradise

Many people dream of converting their homes into an oasis. Although the task may seem quite demanding, such décor changes are very possible. With the right resources and ideas, you can turn any part of your home into a cool and lush environment with a stunning appearance.

A Tropical Transformation


Are you yearning for a tropical transformation in your home? It’s easier than it seems, really. Apart from artistry and creativity, you’ll only need tropical accessories and decorations such as tropical flowers for your home to resemble your dream tropical destination.

Table centerpieces that feature tropical flowers such as heliconia, orchids, bougainvillea, and jasmines would brightly and colorfully accentuate your tropical paradise.

Besides flower accents, here are more décor tips and ideas that you can try:

1. Decorate With Green Plants

When trying to envision a tropical paradise, the first thing that’ll come to mind are plants with big and green leaves. With a good plan and a bit of creativity, you can actually bring in an external natural atmosphere to your living room. To start with, you’ll need a variety of green plants. Some of the most popularly used plants in these projects include palm trees, maidenhair ferns, and other greeneries.

Although it won’t look exactly the same, your home will still be as cool as that lush backyard or a park full of trees. But as you do this, be sure to place the plants at strategic points within the room, such as beside the sofa or in the empty corners of your space. The plants are supposed to create a warm and tropical vibe. You wouldn’t want them to be the source of distraction, would you?

2. Use Natural Materials For Furniture

The most eco-friendly material, with a touch of casual look in your living room and other home spaces, has got to be bamboo. Chandeliers made from bamboos create beautiful lighting since bamboos are flexible in nature.

Bamboo chairs, on the other hand, aren’t only easy to carry around but also strong, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Whether it’s in its original form or processed planks, bamboo gives your home dwellers a tropical experience.

DIY wall clocks made from wood are also another decoration that you can use for your tropical-inspired home. The natural beauty of wood greatly complements the outlandish aesthetics that you want to achieve for your home.

3. Beautify Your Wooden Cabinets And Shelves

Transform your kitchen into one of the most stunning and eye-catching areas of your home. Shelves with a touch of green leaves and colorful flowers in them create a maximalist nature vibe. Moreover, the shelf area can have nature-inspired wallpaper to complete the tropical look. To make things even better, you could go for rattan pieces as the main material of your shelves.

4. Add Some Pineapple Decors


Another way to bring that amazing tropical environment to your home is by using pineapple decorations. Make your kitchen countertops, dresser, windows, or dining table pop with shades of yellow and green through pineapple-inspired décor pieces such as pineapple string lights, pineapple serve boards made of wood, or a pineapple-shaped cookie jar.

These pineapples décors are also available in other forms like salt and pepper shakers or flower pots. Either way, they always bring that fresh tropical vibe to your home. Of course, you can also have artistic sculptures designed from this fruit structure. 

5. Don’t Forget Some Banana And Palm Leaves

Add a tropical touch to your bathroom by using synthetic banana leaves. If you’ve been hoping for a bath in the jungle, then banana and palm leaf designs can easily make that happen. Where can you apply this idea? Well, just about anywhere in your bathroom and bedroom. For one, you can go for bathroom curtains that are designed or printed with tropical banana leaves. If that seems too much for you, then you can grab a bathroom towel with a similar design. The same idea can also be applied to your wall tiles and rugs.

6. Maximize Natural Lighting

You can have everything set in place, but without the right amount of lighting, it could be quite difficult to achieve your tropical paradise goal. While artificial lighting can be effective, it’s always recommended that you maximize natural lighting in your home. This brings a natural feeling to the rooms which will then supplement your tropical design decors.

Of course, this can be achieved during the construction phase. If you already have a complete house, you can think of a few simple renovations like increasing the size of your windows and pruning trees in your yard. 

Final Thoughts 

You don’t need elaborate and complicated decorating techniques if you want to make your home a tropical paradise. You just have to channel your inner creativity and let your imaginations run wild to achieve your exotic goal.

A tropical-designed home only needs a splash of earth colors and nature-inspired accessories. You can pull this off by adding tropical flowers, green plants, pineapple decors, and natural-made furniture. With the help of the tips above, you’ll realize that it’s not that difficult to create your coastal paradise at home.

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