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Top Five Beach Destinations in Europe

What is it about the beach that appeals so much to us? Seaside holidays are not merely the haunt of the summer excursion; they are the stuff of dreams, whether daydreams in offices across the country, or front and centre in wish-lists for winning the lottery. The numbers speak for themselves, as at least 41% of holiday-goers in the UK choose a sandy shore over any other kind of break. For some it’s the weather, on both sides of the spectrum. Luxurious Mediterranean sands offer blazing sunshine and calm, salty seas, while the UK’s east coast offers up a cooler temperature, but powerful seas great for snorkelers and surfers alike. 

There is also something uniquely calm about the seaside, from the push-pull of the tides to the simple tranquillity that can be found in you, an empty shoreline and a good book. There are so many individual things that make the seaside so alluring – but not all shores are made alike. The following are five of the best European beach destinations you will ever find, and which should absolutely constitute a stop on one of many possible Europe tours.

Saleccia Beach – Corsica

Corsica is the largest French island on Mediterranean Sea and most popular holiday destination for French people.

The Plage de Saleccia is a stretch of untamed beachland in Corsica’s upper reaches, looking out on the Ligurian sea and the southern coast of France. It is a breath-taking stretch of sand, which makes the most of the fantastic weather and has a surprisingly low tourist footprint. Here you can enjoy a coastline unburdened by the presence of others.

Barafundle Bay – Wales

Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire, South Wales is one of the most picturesque beaches you will find on the planet, let alone the west coast of Britain. Boasting clear blue seas, gleaming white sand and protection from both sides by imposing cliffs, this bay is a wonderful place to become lost in. Its seclusion is so complete that there are zero tourist facilities – making it a completely natural location to get swept up in.

Luskentyre – Isle of Harris, Scotland

The Luskentyre Sands can be found on the south-western tip of the Isle of Harris – itself an island in the Outer Hebrides, further north than Inverness and home to Stornoway. You do not come here for the clement weather. Instead, you come for the rolling hills and crystal sea, sights which are nothing short of phenomenal.

Zlatni Rat – Croatia


Zlatni Rat means Golden Cape in Croatian, a name that could not be more fitting for this natural phenomenon. Thousands of years of geological processes and weather systems have resulted in the formation of this beach, a spear forming the southernmost tip of an island just off Croatia’s mainland. It’s unique, it’s sunny – and it’s growing!

Porto Katsiki – Greece

Lastly, Porto Katsiki can be found on the west coast Lefkada, at its southern tip and mere miles north of Kefalonia. The beach sits beneath a towering cliff face, looking out to the deep blue of the Ionian Sea and catching pure sunlight from early afternoon until nightfall. A popular, but utterly secluded Ionian getaway beach.

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