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Upgrade Your Bathroom With Mode Toothbrush

Oral hygiene is one of the essential aspects of our daily routine! 

From getting an effective toothbrush to brushing twice a day are vital activities to maintain healthy and white teeth. Today you can find numerous types of toothbrushes with different shapes, functionality, and features. One of the most popular kinds of toothbrushes in 2023 is an electric toothbrush!         

Don’t think about the bulky toothbrushes that come with wires and cables. Today we’re going to talk about the high-end electric toothbrush by Mode. This is one of the first electric toothbrushes that comes with wireless charging. This simply means there will be no wires, no cables, and more space! Yes, with no hanging and messy cables, your bathroom space will look cleaner and more clutter-free.  

This article will explore the features, design, and price of the mode electric toothbrush. So keep reading and learn how to upgrade your bathroom experience. 

Let’s dive in. 

How Can Mode Toothbrush Elevate Your Bathroom Space?

Mode toothbrush isn’t an ordinary electric toothbrush. It’s an innovative and modern toothbrush with many advanced features. It is also the first wireless electric toothbrush in the world that can dock and charge in your bathroom. Also, it has soft bristles that provide good and comfortable cleaning. 

Let’s look into some major highlights of the mode electric toothbrush:  


The mode toothbrush has a single mode that uses 38,000 sonic vibrations per minute. These intense vibrations will help you deeply clean your teeth surface and between teeth spaces. It has soft bristles that gently clean teeth without damaging the surface or causing discomfort.

Charger & Nightlight

You don’t have to connect this brush to any charging cable because it comes with a charging dock that offers wireless charging. The dock and the toothbrush have an ultra-strong magnet. This electric toothbrush has a two-minute brushing timer and offers four weeks of battery on a single charge. So, this will be a plus point for people who often travel.        

The toothbrush also have a built-in dock light which automatically turn on in dark setting. So, at the evening and night time, this nightlight will be on. This creates aesthetic ambiance.  


The mode toothbrush has an all-black look, sleek design, and matte finish. The logo, a small light, and a power button are visible on the product. It is also made of durable materials like aluminum and rubber, but it is still lightweight. The toothbrush has an ergonomic design that feels great in hand and also in any bathroom design.  


If you compare the price of a Mode electric toothbrush with other electric toothbrushes, you’ll see that it is affordable. You buy this high-end toothbrush for $165, and if you get a subscription plan, you can buy this at $150. You can also replace your toothbrush head every three months for $15.  


A mode electric toothbrush is a great addition to your daily oral hygiene routine. It has many features, including deep cleaning with 38000 strokes per minute, a wireless charging dock, and silent brushing. This single mode toothbrush will help you prevent and reduce gingivitis and upgrade your bathroom. So, get your best electric toothbrush for yourself and your loved ones to keep your teeth white and healthy.

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