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Top 10 Things to do With Paint Chip Samples

If you have painted your walls recently, you have got a stash of paint chips in your junk drawer, just waiting for the perfect project. You won’t believe how beautiful and imaginative things you can make with them.

Since they come in such pretty colors, it is a shame to throw them away. But if you don`t have paint chip samples, don’t be disappointed. You can find them for free in any home improvement store.

Here we are giving you the top 10 creative ideas of what you can do with your paint chip samples. Be ready for lots of color and inspiration. These are cool ways to recycle them and transform them into paint chip art. But if you have come up with another pretty unique paint chip crafts, please share with us and comment below.

1. Paint Chip Wall



Instead of painting the walls in one color, you can make colorful art on your wall using paint chip samples. You can design your wall in pastel, or you can play freely with colors and make yourself a perfect rainbow on your wall.

2. Paint Chip Heart Wall Décor



You can also do for your wall to make a fabulous paint chip wall décor simply by punching out the heart shapes. Moreover, this could be a perfect Valentine`s gift. Also, you can try to make different shapes from your paint chips.

 3. Paint Chip Jewellery



Another thing that you can make from paint chip samples is jewellery. Are you surprised? Take a look at what a cute earring in ombre style you can make. Pick a colour that you like and make yourself great accessories.

4. Paint Chip Pixelated Paintings



Paint chips are perfect for creating pixelated art, given how they come in so many shades. Pixels are now common in the design world, featured as graphic prints on everything from pillows to bed-sheets to meticulously-constructed lamps and clocks.

5. Paint Chip Art



Punch a few shapes in paint chips, pepper them on a piece of paper or canvas, and frame it for an awesome piece of art. Voila, unbelievable piece of art, a peacock. This is a nice example of making something out of nothing, such as art from paint chip samples.

6. Paint Chip Rolodex



If you are creative enough, you can come up with many ideas of crafting. Here is a wonderful idea of what you can do from paint chip samples. You can embellish your favorite things like Rolodex, where you can keep your business card, or you can make a beautiful recipe separator from paint chip samples. Be creative and enjoy embellishing your things.

 7. Paint Chip Mobile



Another wonderful thing that you can do with paint chip samples is a mobile or chandelier. It is very decorative for your living room, or you can make a colorful paint chip mobile for a kid’s room. Great idea!

8.  Colorful Paint Chip Coasters



From paint chip samples, you can also make very useful things such as colorful coasters. You can make them in different colors, or if you have enough paint chip samples, you can make a monochromatic set with various shades of your favorite color.

9. Paint Chip Dress



Do you think you are creative? Take a look at what can be done by paint chip samples – fashionable dress. So creative, imaginative, and brave idea. It is just wonderful!

10. Paint Chip Table



This is just one more way to jazz it up and add some instant life to your old coffee table. You can makeover your table with paint chip samples. Yes, very nice idea, don’t you think so?

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  1. The paint chips cost the hardware stores money. You really shouldn’t go in and take a giant stack to use for crafting projects. If you have some spares after selecting paint colors for your house, no biggie … but it’s not right to take them with no intention of buying paint from the store. Stop being cheap and go buy a stack of paper at your local craft store. You’re making hardware store prices go up for everyone by doing stuff like this. Not cool.


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