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What is the best cruise to the Arctic?


The Arctic, a land of breathtaking beauty and unparalleled wilderness, remains a dream
destination for adventurous travelers. This isolated ocean, often referred to as the last great
wilderness on Earth, promises an experience unlike any other. An Arctic cruise is the
gateway to this extraordinary realm for those seeking to explore its icy shores and witness its
mesmerizing wildlife. However, with an increasing number of cruise operators and itineraries
available, choosing the best cruise to the Arctic can take time and effort. In this
comprehensive guide, we will help you navigate the decision-making process and ensure
your journey to the Arctic is nothing short of extraordinary.

Understanding the Arctic

The Arctic is a continent of superlatives. It is the coldest, windiest, driest, and highest continent on Earth. During the northern summer, from June to August, its icy landscape comes alive with astonishing wildlife, making this the most popular time to join the Great Britain cruises to the Arctic.


For those considering an Arctic cruise, it’s crucial to align their travel dates with the short northern summer, when the weather is milder, and the wildlife, including white bears, seals, and whales, are most active.

Choosing the Right Cruise

Once you’ve decided to explore the Arctic, the first step is to determine which cruise suits your preferences and budget.

Identify Your Budget

Arctic cruises vary in cost, ranging from mid-range to luxurious options. The cost depends on several factors, including the cruise duration, the type of vessel, and the cabin category you choose. A typical Arctic cruise can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 or more.

While a higher budget can unlock more luxurious experiences and amenities, it’s essential to remember that even mid-range cruises offer an incredible journey to this remote region. To save money, consider traveling during shoulder seasons or looking for last-minute deals. Some cruise operators, like Poseidon Expeditions, may offer special promotions and early booking discounts.

Determine the Length of Your Journey

Arctic cruises come in varying durations, with options ranging from 10 to 20 days or more. The length of your cruise impacts the number of destinations you’ll visit and the activities you can participate in. Shorter cruises may cover less ground, while longer ones allow for more comprehensive exploration.

To make the right choice, consider your available time, budget, and the level of adventure you seek. Shorter cruises are an excellent option for those with limited time, while longer expeditions offer a more immersive experience.

Define Your Travel Style

Arctic cruises cater to a range of travel styles, from luxurious to expedition-style northern voyages. The choice of travel style influences the level of comfort, amenities, and activities available during your journey.

1. Luxury Cruises: If you prefer a pampered experience, luxury cruises offer spacious cabins, gourmet dining, and top-notch amenities. Companies like Poseidon Expeditions provide high-end cruises with all the comforts you’d expect.

2. Mid-Range Options: Mid-range cruises offer a balance between comfort and cost. They provide excellent service and comfortable accommodations while allowing you to allocate your budget for other experiences.

3. Expedition-Style Voyages: For the adventurous spirit, expedition-style cruises provide a more immersive experience. These vessels are equipped for adventure, with a focus on wildlife encounters, exploration, and educational programs.

When selecting your travel style, consider your comfort preferences and how you envision your Arctic experience. Poseidon Expeditions, known for its well-planned expedition-style cruises, offers a balance between comfort and adventure.

Preparing for the Journey

The Arctic’s extreme climate and remote location require adequate preparation. Here are essential considerations to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey:

Health Considerations and Vaccinations

Consult with your healthcare provider before embarking on an Arctic cruise. Necessary vaccinations and medical evaluations may be required, and it’s vital to be in good health to withstand the challenging environment.

Acclimatizing and Managing Seasickness

Northern Arctic waters can be rough, and many travelers experience seasickness. Taking preventive measures such as medication, wristbands, and acclimatizing to the ship’s movement can help alleviate symptoms.

Booking and Logistics

The logistics of booking an Arctic cruise involve several steps, from securing your spot to obtaining necessary permits and visas. Once you’ve chosen your cruise, review the booking process. Pay attention to deposit requirements, cancellation policies, and payment schedules. Many cruise operators, like Poseidon Expeditions, provide flexible booking and payment options. Check the visa requirements for the country where your cruise departs. Additionally, some Arctic cruises may require special permits due to the region’s unique governance. Poseidon Expeditions and other reputable operators will assist you in obtaining the necessary permits.

Final Considerations

Before making your final decision, do thorough research and read reviews from past travelers. First-hand experiences can provide valuable insights into the quality of the cruise and its operator.

With the knowledge gained from this comprehensive guide, you’re well-prepared to embark on a remarkable journey to the Arctic. The stunning landscapes, pristine wilderness, and incredible wildlife encounters await. Begin your adventure of a lifetime, and discover the true wonder of the Arctic

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