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Top 10 Workouts by Victoria’s Secret Angels That Will Help You Stay Fit

Spent the holidays eating the delicious food that was prepared? We feel you – all that salads, desserts, baked goodies, it all tasted so tasty, but if we want to keep our figure fit, we need to do something about it. Now that the holidays will soon be over, you can switch to healthy eating and exercise to help you stay fit. We chose ten examples of how the famous Victoria’s Secret Angels have their bodies fit and toned.

Some of these examples are plain exercises; some are workouts. It’s up to you to find the one that fits you the best. Being dedicated now will result in being satisfied in summer!

1. Rope Jumping



Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel for so many years definitely results in having a fit body is a must. Adriana Lima doesn’t find that hard! With regular exercise and healthy eating, this angel is loved for her looks. So, one of the ways to lose some weight is rope jumping. It’s practical because you can do it anywhere, and getting the rope is no hard task or expensive at all. Rope jumping is a great calorie-burning exercise, is good for the heart, strengthening the upper and lower body.

2. Planks



Angel Behati Prinsloo is doing the plank as an exercise preparing for the Victoria’s Secret Show and her boyfriend, Adam Levine. There are many reasons why you should include the plank in your routine, and here are a few of them: The plank is a core strengthening exercise that will help you have a toned and flat stomach, can reduce back pain, improves your posture, and doing planks can help in releasing the tension. Therefore they are considered mood booster.

3. Barre Classes



Barre classes are highly efficient workouts because they include few movements, meaning that few muscle groups are also activated. The Bar Method also includes isometric contractions that make your muscles maintain strength. You can use weight as well and develop the posture of a ballerina. Many critics the Bar Method for reasons such as not being enough heart challenging workout and the lack of compound exercises such as squats and bent over rows. However, angel Alessandra Ambrosio is proof of how great this workout can be!

4. Functional Training



Functional training is a great workout for having a good muscular balance; it strengthens the abdominal and back muscles, leading to fewer injuries in our everyday lives. The workout uses a resistance tube, kettlebells, dumbbells, and ViPRs. Functional training is best done with a trainer, so if you think you will like this workout (just like Victoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio!), head to the gym!

5. Lagree Fitness Method



You are going to like this workout if you like Pilates as well. In fact, some even call the Lagree Fitness Method “Pilates on steroids.” The classes usually last from 25 to 50 minutes, and all the exercises are done on a Megaformer machine. It’s a highly intense and low-impact workout that will make you sweat and lose a huge amount of calories in only one session. Angels like Martha Hunt are doing this fitness workout, so it can lead you to have the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

6. Ballet Classes



Angel Romee Striijd is keeping her body fit by taking ballet classes. You may think ballet is supposed to be learnt only as a child, but you will be surprised how much you can do by putting effort into it, even later in life. Ballet as an exercise is actually very good: improving your posture makes your muscles more flexible, gives them strength, and improves your cardiovascular endurance. By practicing ballet, you also improve your motor fitness by having more power, speed, and coordination.

7. Core Exercises



The core exercises help us have stable core muscles, including muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen. All these muscles are needed for our daily activities, so it’s better to keep them all good. These exercises will help you get through all busy days without feeling too tired. They will also help you in having the toned abs from your dreams. One of the models that do this workout is angel Lais Ribeiro, and that picture proves how good are the core exercises!

8. Yoga



It may sound cliche, but it’s totally true. Yoga is not only a good exercise for a better mind and body connection, but it can help you achieve your fitness goals. You won’t lose weight just by doing it, but actually by changing your state of mind. Yoga can help you move towards a healthier life, and by that, you can switch to healthy eating and start losing weight. But when it comes to the fitness part, yoga can make your body toned and improve your posture. Even though angel Elsa Hosk doesn’t practice yoga regularly, it proves enough the benefits.

9. CrossFit



Angel Taylor Hill practices CrossFit, so we totally understand how she manages to have an amazing body! CrossFit is a very popular workout, and you probably heard many people being obsessed with it, so why not try it yourself? The workout is great for many reasons, especially when it comes to losing weight, cardiovascular conditioning, and it helps you in avoiding injuries. Another good thing is that you won’t get bored – the workout has different exercises daily.

10. Pilates



Many believe that angel Candice Swanapoel has the most beautiful body of all the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Even though part of it is a matter of taste, we can surely agree that she looks amazing. Candice does different workouts that help her stay fit, and one of them is Pilates. This workout can help you in many things when it comes to fitness and health. By practicing Pilates, you will be more flexible, will have reduced back pain or no pain at all; you can also develop flat abdominal (flat stomach, the dream of so many of us!), and similar to yoga, it also helps you establish a better mind-body connection.

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