10 Best Dogs for Kids – [Best Family Dogs] – #1 Will make you Awww

If you want a furry little one to fulfill your family, there are some specific dog breeds that are more adequate. We present you the TOP 10 Best Dogs for Kids!

Every dog breed has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are better for outdoors, other need lots of daily activities and third a lot of care and dedication. One thing is clear, though. From every single dog you get an unconditional love and affection. You’ll get the best-est friend you’ve ever had. But, the story is different if you are a parent and you have one or more kiddos around the house. Then you need to choose wisely, these are the best dogs for kids.


10. Bulldog

The great advantage of bulldogs? They’re sturdy, so they can take anything that rambunctious kids throw at them, while they’re not very energetic. End result? A dog that will put up with a lot. They’re also not picky about where they live, so both small apartments and large houses are fine.

10 Best Dogs for Kids - [Best Family Dogs] - #1 Will make you Awww

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  • How come I NEVER see Great Pyrenees in these posts? They are the best with families. As a matter of fact, the Newfoundland is a cross between, a Mastiff and Great Pyrenees. You could not get a better dog ( except maybe a Golden Retriever, or Lab) for a family with kids, friends, balls, lawn furniture, etc. Thanks, Just had to express my opinion.

    • This is absolutely untrue. Newfoundlands are not a cross breed at all. Their origins were as ship dogs, not mountain dogs at all.

  • You could not get a better dog? Mary has obviously never owned a boxer ^^^^ They are HANDS DOWN worlds greatest dog

    • I agree my boxer loves children my gran kids sits on her goes to sleep with them they are such a gentel breed she goes every where with them

  • Umm…any well trained dog is awesome with kids. I hate seeing things like this. 🙁

  • you do know that nana from peter pan was a st. Bernard right? And yes those dogs are pretty good with kids.

    • Nana was a Landseer Newfoundland . Just an FYI.. I know they do seem similar though.

      • Nana from Peter Pan really is a St. Bernard, I just looked it up. If you don’t believe me, Just look it up yourself. Sorry, Ann, you’re wrong.

        • No, she was the Nana the Nana the Newfoundland Landeer. Only Landeer because the ones with white are considered Landeers. I raise them. You need to watch Peter Pan again.

        • Swing and a miss! Definitely a landseer Nefowndland. Don’t believe evrything you read! Besides, St, Bernards don’t occur in that coloration.

  • Samoyed? Our family has had three of them and I can’t imagine a better dog for children!

  • I agree with Milly. I own a boxer and it is the best of the best. Boxers are amazing, and the best I’ve had out of 6 different breeds of dogs. However, I disagree with Susan Bewley because she says that ANY well trained dog is well with children, but that is definitely a myth. Some dogs bite, some dogs don’t really like to be pet, and some just like to sleep. Children don’t like that. In my opinion, if you are getting a dog for you and your kids, get a Boxer.

  • Any breed is a great dog if trained and socialized from the get- go. Just have to know what’s best to fit your life style.. Apartment , house, energy level, shedding or non- shedding…

  • I really like that there are so many breeds with great temperaments! The one that stuck out to me is the Newfoundland, especially because they are such big dogs. I think that it would be awesome to have that type of dog, especially if you already have young kids. A Newfoundland would be like a big, fun toy for the kids!

  • Beagles are known world-wide as a family/children breed. Why do you think Charles Schultz (Peanuts) made Snoopy a Beagle? Beagles are the most gentle of dogs – UNLIKE MANY of those listed. There’s a reason they have historically been within the top 4 favorite breeds in America.
    Who wrote this crap anyway?

  • How come Cocker Spaniels isn’t on the list ? My big baby loves kids and people in general, especially if they have treats. Lol

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