Hydrangea – TOP 10 Tips on How to Plant, Grow & Care – Hydrangea Care

General Hydrangea Care and Maintenance Guide

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular perennial garden shrubs, mostly due to their mesmerising big flowers in pink, white or blue color and nice foliage, even in autumn. They add a vintage charm to any garden. But they are not only beautiful, but if you follow our Step-by-Step Hydrangea Care & Maintenance Guide you’ll find that they are also very easy to care for. What makes them fascinating is the ability to change the color of the flowers.

Hydrangeas are easy to care, easy to grow, hardy and resistant to most pests and diseases, with so many varieties to choose from, Hydrangeas are a must-have in every garden. You can also grow them in containers. Their flowers make stunning floral arrangements, used both fresh and dried. If you’d like to have these pretty ladies in your garden all you need to do is to follow our General Hydrangea Care & Maintenance Guide and learn how to plant them, grow them and take proper care for them.


Hydrangea - TOP 10 Tips on How to Plant, Grow & Care - Hydrangea Care

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First thing you need to do before planting Hydrangeas in your garden is to choose the right varieties. There are two main groups: plants that bloom on new growth and plants that bloom on old growth. The first group of Hydrangeas form their buds in early summer on new growth and are pretty easy to care of. Panicle and Smooth Hydrangeas are most popular varieties from this group.

The second group, or plants that bloom on old growth, are Hydrangeas that you should consider if you line in Zone 8 or warmer. Oakleaf, Bigleaf and Climbing Hydrangeas are some of the best varieties from this group.


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  • I cannot get my hydrangeas to flower. I’ve tried fertilizer, tons of water, even an old wise tale; coffee grounds. Please help

    • add some pine needles to the soil. they like acidic ground. make sure they are getting enough sun too

    • Lisa, I am having the same problems, i will be trying the pine needles. However i see your post was from a year ago. Did you have any luck this year Lisa?

  • My sons girlfriend bought 2 hydrangeas and all the leaves fell off. I think they had too much sun. She brought them to me and I repotted them. The stems are not dry and brittle. I am hoping to save them. My only problem is that there is a fungus on the branches that are brittle. what can I do to save these plants?

  • Thank you for all the suggestions. I am trying hydrangeas for the first time this year, so I will be sure and follow these tips!

  • Why do my hydrangeas not bloom every year

  • I have a huge plant…healthy beautiful leaves but no flowers for two years. (It bloomed it’s first couple of years.) This Spring I applied bloodmeal to the soil and it is now covered in blooms!

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