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13 Celebrities with Full Dentures (With Pictures)

Celebrities are not invincible, even though we have that perception. They are normal human beings, like any of us who struggle with insecurities, personal health complications, and in this case, dental issues. When you think of full dentures, you might not think your favorite celebrity would or had one.

But you’d be surprised to know that several celebrities have had a full set of dentures to uplift their appearance at some point. This is undoubtedly superficial. However, that’s the reality of the glamorous lifestyle they lead.

If you are wondering which celebrities have full dentures, we have sorted out our top 13 picks for you in this article.

History of Dentures in Hollywood

Unlike veneers, whose invention is rooted in Hollywood and the entertainment industry, there’s a little history with dentures in Hollywood.

In the early days, dentures were marked as a sign of old age, and people wore them when they lost multiple teeth as they progressed through their life.

The use of dentures in Hollywood is never highlighted but is quite consistent. You’d be surprised to know that even some child actors who lost their tooth or teeth had to rely on dentures to make themselves look fit for the camera.

According to NatruSmile, nearly 41 million Americans turned to dentures in 2022

Here is a list of 13 celebrities With Full Dentures

If you look up celebrities with veneers or cosmetic dentistry, the search results would be pretty extensive and prominent. The primary reason is that dentures don’t hold the same aesthetic as veneers.

We have grown up associating the use of dentures with older adults, so when we think of celebrities, especially the younger ones, it’s hard associating full dentures with their character or public persona.

That said, we have collected some information from the internet to bring you a list of the top 13 celebrities in Hollywood who have had or have dentures.

1. Emma Watson



Despite her flawless character and confidence in Harry Potter, everyone’s beloved Hermoine had her fair share of issues during filming. Emma starred in Harry Potter at a very young age, surprisingly, when she still had a few baby teeth to lose. While filming Harry Potter, she lost those teeth and needed full dentures to make the same less visible on screen. The producers suggested Emma get dentures, so they don’t have to stop the production mid-way.

2. Ben Affleck



Known for his role in Gone Girl, Ben Affleck is not an actor that requires or awaits anyone’s introduction. He has recently made rounds on several tabloids due to his reconciliation with Jennifer Lopez. The two tied the knot recently. But, behind all the glam and aesthetics, did you know that Ben Affleck had to wear dentures at one point in his career? This was to perfect his teeth. He also had dental caps installed early on in his career.

3. Florence Henderson



A famous actress from “The Brady Brunch,” Florence Henderson is another celebrity who has had full dentures at one point in her career. What’s great about her is that she has never been shy about wearing them. She was so vocal about wearing dentures that she became the brand ambassador of Polident denture cleaner.

4. Joe Biden



The current president of the United States, Joe Biden, is also known to sport a full set of dentures to retain his smile and confidence. Reports suggest that Mr. Biden not just sports dentures; he has had procedures to install dental crowns and bridges to restore his oral function. It looks like Mr. Biden believes that success is rooted in your appearance.

5. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi



Although not the most popular actress in Hollywood, we had to include Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi in the list. She became famous following her role in “The Jersey Shore” and reportedly has a full denture to maintain her aesthetic appearance. Her picture-perfect smile has to be a direct influence of the dentures she had gotten from a celebrity dentist.

6. Clark Gable



If you like to watch retro movies from the 1930s and later, you must have seen Clark Gable on the screen. He was one of the most popular actors of his time but faced a lot of ups and downs too. One of the biggest issues happened when Clark suffered a gum infection, leading to all his teeth falling. This led to the famous actor resorting to dentures before turning 32. There’s a lot that goes into perfecting the smile for the camera.

7. Jon Bon Jovi



Before you get confused, be assured that it’s true. The famous musician, who stole the hearts of millions globally, has dentures. Not just that, he has undergone multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures, including installing porcelain veneers. Now you know the lengths your favorite rockstar would go to preserve their camera-ready smile.

8. Janice Dickinson



Another underrated and less-known actress who has full dentures is Janice Dickinson. According to reports, Dickinson is known to sport multiple false teeth after losing them due to her progressing age. Not just that, it is rumored that she lost one of her false teeth at a restaurant in 2011. There is no further information about any other cosmetic dentistry she has.

9. Tom Cruise



There’s no doubt that Tom Cruise, a public heartthrob known for his dazzling smile, sported dentures at one point in his career. Tom struggled with many dental complications, especially his uneven teeth, which affected his poor camera presence. His denture specialist looked into the matter and fixed it without further thought. Now, Tom Cruise is one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood.

10. Lou Reed



Another popular musician in Hollywood who sports full dentures is Lou Reed. He is one of the best singers of all time, known for his electric appearance and personality. With age, Reed experienced a lot of tussles with his teeth, finally settling on dentures to restore his smile and appearance.

11. Catherine Zeta-Jones



When you think of “magnetic smile,” Catherine Zeta-Jones is a name that should pop right into your head. She has drastically changed her dental appearance throughout her career, causing a shift in her smile. Although she hasn’t said anything about having dentures, it is quite visible that she has had them at some point during the peak of her career. Besides dentures, she might have had other cosmetic dentistry procedures too.

12. Nicolas Cage



Known for his comedic timing and on-screen success with several movies like Valley Girl and Racing with the Moon, Nicolas Cage isn’t someone who needs an introduction. He is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, and reports suggest that he’s had extensive dental procedures. Besides dentures, rumors say he has expensive gum implants too.

13. Ed McMahon



When we think of the Tonight Show, we think of Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, etc. However, the OG Tonight Show host was Ed McMahon. His quick wit and amazing personality kept people up at night waiting for his show to air. Although not much is known, reports suggest that he had a full set of dentures during the peak of his career.

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And that concludes the article. These are the top 13 celebrities who either have or have had full dentures at some point in their lives. Before being judgemental, we must understand that they also experience similar physical ailments to their fans. So, needing full dentures isn’t something we should make them feel ashamed of. It’s normal, and each to their own, right?

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