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Top 5 Reasons To Use A Portable Generator

There are so many reasons to use a portable generator in your home. Read the 5 most important ones, below. 

You live in a storm zone 

Hurricanes, storms and tornadoes are common occurrences for many, yet just because they are usually don’t make them any less dangerous or disruptive to everyday life. Of course, by having a portable generator in your home, you can mitigate some of the fallout of the effects of extreme weather, the reason being that you will be able to connect things like your well, sump, appliance, and refrigerator and freezer to the generator to keep them running, even if the grid power is out. 

You live in a fire-risk zone 

High winds plus electricity cables in dry and wooded areas are a significant fire risk. Unfortunately for the folks that live in those areas, it means their power is likely to be turned off when the wind gets high enough. Of course, this can be a significant inconvenience to family life, prohibiting simple things like showering and washing the kid’s clothes, not to mention shutting off the lights and heating as well. 

Happily, by investing in a portable generator you will still be able to have access to the power you need to run the basics in your home. No matter what the power company chooses to do. 

You enjoy camping

Another savvy reason to invest in a portable generator is that they are ideal for folks that enjoy camping. Indeed, as so many of us rely heavily on our own mobile devices these days, the thought of being unable to check them for an extended period can be very frustrating. 

However, by choosing a portable generator you and your camping buddies can use your cell phones, laptops, and even run additional equipment like radios and fridges to make the entire camping experience even more comfortable. 


The great thing is that portable generators are now available with solar panels which are ideal for catching up all the sunlight during the day at base camp, ready to be used when the night falls. Check out this guide on the best solar generator to pick for your needs before making your choice. Indeed, you’ll probably be surprised at just how much these compact solar generators can power! 

Your work from home 

Investing in a generator if you have a home business also makes a great deal of sense. The reason is that if you don’t you are entirely dependent on the grid for your business to be able to run. Sadly, that means if there is a problem or power cut, your whole operation goes down, wasting time, and costing you money in the process. 

However, by having a portable generator on hand you can make sure that you can continue working, even if there is an outage. Many of these generators are powerful enough to run multiple devices at once. You may even be able to power your whole house with these Generac generators or similar models. Not only will you be able to continue working, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that your business is not dependent on the grid and can keep running even in unforeseen circumstances.

You depend on a medical device 

The last most important reason to invest in a portable generator for your home is if you or a member of your household rely on electrical medical equipment. Such equipment may be life support devices, mobility devices, or health status checking devices. Of course, if an individual cannot access such devices when needed it can have a significant effect not only on their comfort but their condition as well. 

To that end, making sure you have a portable generator, as well as the extension cords needed to hook them up to the device in question is essential. 

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