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Top 6 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Living Space With Flowers

Gone are the days when having fresh flowers in your home is reserved only for the days when you receive fresh flowers from special occasions. Every day is an occasion in itself and if you can have flowers in your living room the whole year round, then why not have it. There are no words to describe the beauty of fresh flowers and having them in your living space can be that missing piece to making your home look and smell even better.


From buying flowers from your trusted flower shop to growing your own in your garden and even shopping for those blooms as you do your supermarket run, there are many ways to have fresh flowers now without breaking the bank. With a touch of creativity here and there and by learning how to arrange your flowers, it can be that perfect add-on to your home, whether you have guests coming in for the day or not.

You can make fresh flowers a part of your home, effortlessly, with these following creative ways:

  1. Always Keep It Fresh

No matter how beautiful the flower arrangement is, if it isn’t fresh, it’ll never look good in your living space. In fact, dying flowers can also make your living space. Whatever your flower arrangement is, or wherever in your living room you’ll put it, always keep it fresh. Once you notice that the buds are dying, then don’t force it anymore. Take it out and replace that vase with new flowers. Visit, among other websites that serve your local area, for your new set of fresh flowers.

  1. Mix And Match Your Living Space Décor

If you have plain, neutral colors in your living space, then your flowers should be along with those hues, too. You may want to stay away from bright flowers, else it won’t match your décor and your space. You can’t go wrong with white, light yellows, and light pinks, whatever the flower type may be.

If your living space décor is a hodgepodge of bright colors, then that’s when you can play around with brighter flowers. Think of the bright colors of spring such as orange, pinks, and yellows. Bonus tip, you can also bring out any floral décor you have and use those to add more hints of florals in your living space.

  1. Place Flowers On The Coffee Table

One of the well-loved areas by homeowners to place fresh flowers is in the coffee table. It’s an eye-catching detail that can instantly make your home feel and look homier.

While a plain vase is a no-fail, there are other tricks you can also apply when arranging flowers on your coffee table. These include:

  • If you have a rustic or farmhouse vibe in your home, place the fresh flowers in a basket or a mason jar on your coffee table;
  • Large and artsy bowls are another great option, especially if you have a large coffee table;
  • You can have small flowers that you can place in teacups to add to vintage and romantic details especially when you’re inviting friends over for tea.


  1. Use Flowers As Hallway Focal Point

This fourth creative way applies to those homes where the stairs or banister is also in the main living space. Most staircases will have a table, placed with all sorts of knickknacks. Since this space is quite huge, you can go big with your flowers.

You can experiment with longer flowers placed on longer and bigger vases. Those flowers are also a great way to have a decorative piece that’s great to admire both from the ground floor and the second floor.

  1. Opt For Minimalist Flower Decors

Having a creative fresh flower arrangement doesn’t necessarily imply that you’ll have to go big and crazy. If you have a minimalist vibe going on in your home, then you’ll want your flower arrangements to adhere to that. That way, your flowers won’t look out of place.

Here are tips on how you can achieve a minimalist fresh flower décor in your living space:

  • Choose simple flowers with green foliage for that added impact;
  • Set a single flower in one, narrow, single vase.
  1. Arrange A Row Of Flowers

If you have an open plan arrangement at home, your dining area also forms part of your living space. When that’s the case, don’t forget to include the dining table by having fresh flowers there as well.

The advantage of arranging flowers on your dining table is you have more space. Given that what you have is a rectangular table, you can arrange it by having a row of flowers. This means having flowers in odd numbers. For instance, one big arrangement in the middle and two smaller ones beside it. You can finish that arrangement off by setting it in a table runner that acts as the perfect foreground to those flowers. 


If you feel like your living room needs a little enhancement, you certainly can’t go wrong with fresh flowers. You don’t even need to have expensive flower arrangements. With the tips above, you’re now equipped with some of the best and most creative ways to have fresh flowers in your home. Flowers may be simple, but their elegance and charm are understated. You can instantly improve your home’s interior with addition as small, but just as impactful, as flowers.

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