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Top 10 Cutest Baby Panda Pictures Ever Taken

The Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca, the “black and white cat-foot“), also known as The Giant Panda, is a bear, native to China. The large, distinctive black patches around its eyes, over its ears, and across its round body are easily recognized by the large, distinctive black patches around its eyes. (Scroll down for amazing Baby Panda Pictures)

Unfortunately, the panda is one of the world’s species that are facing a very high risk of extinction.
So, every newborn is a real example and definition of celebration of life and that’s why the whole world gets informed with the happy news: on TV, magazines, journals…

Newborn In Town


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Since pandas are an endangered species, these stories are simply wonderful. We are born to love these big furballs; it’s almost like it is part of our DNA. When just born, they are nothing like what they will grow into, pink, all squished up and shriveled up like an old prune and make the squeakiest of sounds. 48 hours later their fur starts to appear alongside blackspots and their famous black patched eyes. They feed up to 14 times a day, so no wonder why and how they grow into such loveable, large animals.

Xiang Xiang Baby Tokyo Panda


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One of the most human-like pictures ever taken of a baby panda while having his breakfast eating a bunch of straw and waving at us. How super cute is that? Born in Tokyo, in the Ueno Zoo panda enclosure. It is with no surprise to know that over 250,000 people signed up to take a sneaky peak at the panda enclosure after knowing a newborn came to life although only a selected few actually got the opportunity to see them so as not to overstress the pandas with much human interaction.

Dutch Born Panda Cutest Look


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It is hard to imagine anyone not being taken by the innocent cute look of a newborn panda looking at you straight in the eyes begging for a cuddle! In the Netherlands, the city of Rhenen hosted a new addition to its Ouwehands Zoo back in late 2020. He created a bit of a stir and thousands sought to have a glimpse of him although he mainly required the love and milk of his mother at first before becoming more social. Panda half their lifespan in enclosures is only 15-20 years as opposed to 30 years in the world. However since these animals are so endangered, it is the safest option for now before instituting them back into the wild.

A Group Of Baby Pandas In China


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You might think that nothing is cuter than a baby cub panda. Well, you’d be wrong. How about a bunch of them altogether? A group of baby pandas made their public appearance at the Chengdu Research Breeding Center in 2016. A whopping 23 of them were here in front of the camera making this one of the most incredible photographs taken of these precious cute furry balls. We can see some of them playing, some yawning and some well, not overly agile and falling off the pedestal flat on their face! Lesson number one, understand your surroundings! All pandas made it back from their photoshoot debut in one piece and all well and sound.

Baby Yan Zai in 2013 Born In Taiwan


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If you have a cuter picture of a newborn panda we would love to hear from you! Be ready for this one as it could well be the first time you saw exactly how tiny and remarkably pink and adorable this little lady weighing just 186 grams really is! The soon-to-be giant panda as they are called was gifted to Taiwan by China in a rare exclusive deal. Generally, this never happens. However, on this occasion, Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan were a symbolic gesture when the self-ruled island was run by the Beijing-friendly Kuomintang administration.

Baby Pandas Playing Together


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Panda’s are actually incredible and playful furry giants in disguise! They love to roll around by themselves and play amongst one another. They usually stay in groups but on occasion enjoy their personal space. How adorable is this photograph? It gives us hope for their future to keep on thriving in shelters, and hopefully one day in their natural environment. It is always sad that we brought them to the brink of extinction, but at last, some humans were able to act on it doing all they can for future generations to enjoy seeing them, the way we do.

World Cup Enthusiastic Wannabes Pandas


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We agree, this may not be their instinct to play with a football or soccer ball, but you cannot deny that this brought a smile to your faces? Seriously, it is heartbreakingly mega cute! It is lovely to see them fooling around out and about, having a ball of a time. We are certain that if anyone had a bad day, to let them consider taking a look at this instantly brings joy and happiness. Beautiful optimist moment right there.

Winter Snow Sliding Baby Panda


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5-month-old giant panda cub Xiao Qi Ji, who had his first encounter with snow clearly was on such adrenaline that he couldn’t help, or do anything else rather than jumping in the snow. Washington DC snowstorm created a perfect snow blanket in its National Zoo to keep the giants happy for days after days. It was their winter in wonderland without a doubt. We can see many pictures where the panda is rolling and jumping and playing in the snow like no other. So many small secrets life still has installed for us.

Panda Playing With Their Caretaker


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Here you will see a bunch of pandas playing with their handlers in Chengdu, China. Since most of the time, handlers are very much involved in their early stages of life, such as the milk feeding period; the panda starts having a real bond and affection for the one feeding them. Wouldn’t you? Zoos and research facilities play such an important role in their survival and rehabilitation abilities, boosting numbers up and away from the red alarm of extinction.

Pandas Out In The Wild


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Thinking of it all, there is nothing better than to see pandas in their natural environment, behaving the way nature intended them to, and not by humans. Yes, it is great to see them up close like the other hundreds of zoo animals kept in cages, but one cannot deny that seeing them, doing their thing, in the wild, is breathtaking. Stunning raw beauty without filters. It is such a pure moment of bliss that we forget all about global warming for a second. We are forgetting about how much we destroy animals’ habitats, and funnily, our own.

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