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Top 10 Beauty Tips for Women Over 30

Looking beautiful at any age is what every one of you desires all your life, even when you’re a little girl you dream of becoming a beautiful woman one day! But you’re probably aware that you have to work hard and invest in your beauty to get the results you want!

There are some rules you have to include in your beauty routine when you’re in your 20ies, 30ies, and 40ies! The rules are different for every age group, but after you have a baby, everything changes! You must know that the thirties are the critical age when you have to start taking care of your skin more than before!

That’s why we’ve gathered ten beauty tips for all the women around the world who are over 30ty! Please scroll down and read our list carefully! Include every single rule, and don’t worry about your skin anymore, because you’ll have a gorgeous and glowing complexion no matter what!

1. Clean your face twice at night



We know that you already know that you have to do face cleansing in the morning and at night before you go to bed. But actually, you can wash it twice at night, because the first time you’ll clean your makeup and the second time you’ll remove grime and pollutants, by leaving your skin fresh and hydrated!

2. Use a night cream



When you’re in your 30ies, using a night cream is a must because that’s the only way to avoid the wrinkles and fine lines or to prolong this normal process that everyone goes through, sooner or later!

3. Shape your eyebrows



Perfectly shaped eyebrows with a natural look are all you need at any age… in your 20ies, 30ies, and 40ies! Don’t over-pluck your brows; follow the scheme from the picture above!

4. Contour your face



Face contouring is a technique that will make your face look thinner, slimmer, and even younger! Get that youthful look and contour your face for any occasion!

5. Have monthly face treatments



Visit a cosmetic salon once a month and do the treatments that will remove all the dead cells from your skin by leaving your face fresh and glowing! Include this habit in your monthly routine and prevent yourself from signs of aging on time! Microdermabrasion will do miracles for your skin and your younger look!

6. Consider professional bleaching



After 30, teeth tend to get a yellow color, which does not look good, and it gives ages to your face! This may happen as a result of consuming a lot of coffee, wine, and cigarettes! Luckily professional bleaching can fix this process and make your teeth whiter immediately!

7. Use bronzer



Bronzed ten and sun-kissed skin are a key for looking younger! Apply the bronzer on your cheeks and look better with just a few steps! Take care not to over-bronze your face because you’ll add pages to it!

8. Highlight your brow bones



Highlight your brow bones with a bright highlighter or white eye shadow and brighten up the entire area around your eyes! This is the method that will make your eyes even more beautiful and awake at the same time! Try it once and see the difference. You’ll quickly become obsessed with it!

9. Apply caffeine under-eye cream



Under-eye cream has many benefits for your skin, and as you already know, it can help you avoid wrinkles and fine lines in the most critical part of your face! But, if you use a caffeine under-eye cream, not only that you’ll prevent the signs of aging, but you’ll also get rid of dark circles. Invest in a quality cream; it’s worth it!

10. Eat well and drink 1.5 liters of water every day



This is the sentence you heard all the time, but it can surely make a massive difference for your beauty! The key to success is to eat more fresh fruits and veggies, less meat, and drink a lot of fresh, pure water during the day! You’ll feel and look better!

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