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Top 10 Best Private Islands In the World

We always crave a vacation that includes warm sunny weather, soft sandy beaches, and clear turquoise water. On top of that, imagine a luxury apartment with an ocean view and many activities to enjoy, starting from boat trips to scuba diving and spa pampering.

Who would refuse such vacation from the dreams? If you ever wish to visit such a place, there are any private islands to consider. These islands are all costly, but the money you would give will be so worth it, not only because of the view and the experience but for the way you’ll be treated there as well.

1. Nikoi Island



Nikoi Island is located less than 85 km from Singapore. The island is proud of its white sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs. Besides, that is great for beach times, the island has a rain forest with native trees, and it is the home of many birds. The architecture is a mix of traditional Indonesian culture and modern architecture. You can do many activities on this island, so don’t doubt even if you would like to come with your children. The climate is hot throughout the year, so you can visit it any time you want.

2. Amanpulo



The name “Amanpulo” means “peaceful island,” and the meaning comes from the fact that this 250 pristine acre Pamalican island has only forty room hideaways. The forty houses are also called casitas and are all styled according to the traditional Filipino “Bahay Kubo” home. If you are looking for a peaceful, quiet vacation ,then this island will fulfill your needs. It has everything you need: from clear water to bathe in, amazing nature to explore, to spas and sailing and many other activities to enjoy.

3. Turtle Island



This Fiji island is the perfect place for the perfect vacation time, and it got the name because of its turtle shape. There are only 14 villas, but many activities to enjoy, besides the wonderful nature, water and beaches. If you are interested, you can book your vacation during the Release of baby turtles or the Yellowfin Tuna Run. Like any other island, there is also a kids club, so don’t think twice about bringing your children with you.

4. Island in Lake Mälaren



This small island of 62 acres belongs to famous golf player Tiger Woods but now is on sale. It isn’t the typical tropical island you are used to seeing and hearing about, but this Swedish island will steal your heart with its nature and scenery, especially if you are a lakes and forests lover. Located in the lake Mälaren, the island is a very quiet place near Stockholm. It has an amazing villa in rustic style, golf areas, a luxury yacht, and oh well, if you have money to buy it, go ahead.

5. Ariara Island



What’s better than a 600 meters long white sand beach? And villas with a seaside window view? Famous Filipino architect Jorge Yulo designs the architecture of this Palawan island, and he made it to suit the island’s ecosystem. You can find amazing food here, starting from all the fruit grown there, such as bananas, coconuts, and mangoes, to all the traditional meals you can try. Such as every other great island, this one also provides you with many activities. One of them that you might like the most is diving.

6. Necker Islands



The Necker Island is a property of the famous British businessman Sir Richard Branson and is one of the British Virgin Islands. This island can be visited only by thirty people at a time, and there among the guests, there have been stars such as Bill Gates and Kate Winslet. The architects and the designers created villas inspired by Balinese architecture, and these rooms also have cooling winds from every direction. You’ll never suffer from too much hot weather this way!

7. Velaa Island



Velaa Island is owned by Czech billionaire Jiri Smejc and is one of the Maldivian islands. The architect behind the amazing villas is Petr Kolar, who put a contemporary design concept that contains Maldivian nuances. The water is turquoise and clean, the weather is warm and sunny, and the beaches are white and sandy. Having a vacation here is one of the best things that can happen to anyone. Who would say “no” to such a heavenly place on Earth?

8. North Island



This island, which is located in the Indian Ocean, is offering you an amazing luxury experience. The number of guests on the island is very limited. If you are into long beach walks while sunsets, you like diving, or simply being amused by many other activities than the North Island should definitely be on your “to visit” list. This isn’t a wild party island. In fact, the visitors are mostly couples and families.

9. Ile des Deux Cocos



Located southeast of the coast of Mauritius, this island can offer you fantastic memories. You will want to swim and dive in the water as soon as you see it. Much tropical fish are to be seen, many meals to be tested, and many enjoyed activities. One of the island’s best activities is scuba diving and exploring the shipwreck with a boat drive.

10. Parrot Cay



The Parrot Cay island is situated in the Northern Caribbean and is one of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The island’s service offers diverse activities such as snorkel trips, romantic sunset cruises, bottom reef fishing, eco-tour, and many more. Like every other great island, this one has amazing water, sandy beaches, and comfortable accommodation to offer.

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