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Top 10 Best Risotto Recipes

Today we decided to talk about yet another delicious Italian specialty – Risotto. Who doesn’t love the combination of rice cooked in broth spiced up with some butter, wine or onions. Add some veggies and spices for a personal touch and soon this dish will become your favorite. It is quite easy to prepare too – this following recipes will prove us right.

Vegetarian Brown Rice Risotto Recipe

healthy-and-delicious-risotto-recipes_01Recipe via

Easy risotto recipe – ham, pea and parmesan risotto

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Easy Baked Bacon and Mushroom Risotto Recipe

healthy-and-delicious-risotto-recipes_011Recipe via

Recipe: Creamy Chicken Quinoa “Risotto” with Sweet Peppers & Mushrooms

healthy-and-delicious-risotto-recipes_03Recipe via

Oven Baked Prawn Risotto on RSG

healthy-and-delicious-risotto-recipes_04Recipe via

Risotto Cake Recipe

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Fall Vegetable Risotto with Blue Cheese

healthy-and-delicious-risotto-recipes_06Recipe via

Carrot and Manchego Risotto with Brown Butter and Sriracha Cream Sauce

healthy-and-delicious-risotto-recipes_07Recipe via

Pearl barley ‘risotto’ with vegetables and chicken

healthy-and-delicious-risotto-recipes_08Recipe via

Winter-warming roasted garlic, corn and butternut risotto

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Gluten-Free Recipe: Mushroom Risotto

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