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Top 10 Artistic Black And White Female Portraits

Presenting portrait photography in black and white colors has a unique and specific kind of art. These photographers express themselves more subtly, leaving the viewers to create their own emotions reflected from a more subjective point.

We represent you some of the most astonishing black and white photos portraying beautiful women, which have undoubtedly upgraded their artistic level from a portrait to a masterpiece. Enjoy the b&w art!

Game Of The Light


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Black and white pictures are some of the very best in the business and can portray a lot of emotions, more so than colored ones. And, adding a little game of light in the sense of playing with shadows, truly accentuates and dramatizes the shot even more. This creates a backdrop of further interest making the focal point turn into a real storyline.

Smoke Black And White


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Somewhat controversial but yes, people smoke it is a fact of life. It ain’t going away anytime soon. This photograph emphasizes the beauty of the woman, alongside her cheeky half of personality which could be seen as a little naughty on the side. For decennaries, we have seen seductive pictures of women, such as the likes of Marilyn Monroe which made smoking rather sexy.

Sophisticated Beauty


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The beauty lies within all women. And by that we mean, all ages. It isn’t just about society showing us, in the form of propaganda no other, mainly photographs of the young woman, but what about the young woman that inevitably will become older, and wiser? We dedicate this post to every woman around the globe, from the earliest womanhood to the very last few steps left. It can be said that this 68-year-old woman knows how to strike a pose and looks incredible, maybe more than some of the 20 and 30 something nowadays.



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One can assume from this photograph a lady posing for her man, being a great proper example in front of the family, but then unleashes out her dark desire for her other half. We believe, the way it should be. Then again, it worlds both ways. Desiring your man is a powerful statement where the woman can take control. So do not see it as inferiority or have a woman complex by it, it’s actually strength equally the man. Ladies are ladies, and gentlemen will stay gentlemen as long as both will be made to feel like one. The law of attraction!?

Erotic Trance


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Love, lust, envy, intimacy, attraction…whatever your way of seeing things, this photograph explicitly lets the one feasting their eyes upon her… She is in a trance and feels fabulous for it. She might even feel very feline wishing to devour her prey with her lips, touch, and body. It’s all about feeling comfortable within oneself and within your partner; sharing pretty much anything that awakens your senses and deepest desires.



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Is it lust, is it love. The two are very similar yet ever so different. Lusting after someone is longing for their presence, and love is longing for someone sexually and spiritually; having body to body intertwined fusing into one big love nest. The photograph clearly demonstrates sensuality and passion one could not see the end in her eyes. An infinite attraction that says a thousand words, without letting one come out.

A Look From Behind


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Hiding away and letting others know that it will not be that easy getting in. And that is the way, we believe, things should be like. Let’s protect one another without always being open arms. Give the other a little something to work for. After all, the woman is a natural being that deserves love, soft touches, love words and to feel like a woman. The way all women should feel like women, no matter their age, religion, shapes, color and the list goes on. A woman like a man is the same anywhere in the world. And respecting one another sexes is key to success.

Subtle Presence


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The innocence captured within the shot is mesmerizing. She’s not blond, tall, perfect blue eyes some might say, but instead, she exudes natural beauty, not afraid of hiding her freckles for example putting them forward letting anyone know, but “this is me”. And this makes her incredibly desirable. Subtlety is something that in some places is disappearing.  Makeup is one thing, but why hide natural beauty with layers of makeup not reflecting who you are. A little blush goes a long way and anything minimalist, not hiding a picture telling the wrong story.

Desire In The Late Night


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A total transformation of ideas than the previous, with a woman of Asian traits portraying simple and elegant beauty with the assistance of key makeup tips to accentuate her birth facial attributes. A simple and extremely beautiful woman that couldn’t be any different indeed in non-Asian countries. And there goes the attraction accentuated even greater than what people are used to seeing in everyday life. A shot clearly portraying desire and seduction with a hint of “you shouldn’t”.

Rouge A Lèvres


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One might immediately think of Channel and the Parisian ladies. Although nowadays, it would be more associated with the 40 plus women, looking after themselves as little madams proud of who they are and what they have become, explicitly demonstrating her success in life both in love, in men, and work; by acting with such confidence. And this is all in the lipstick. It is daring but once upon a time, no woman was seen without it. Has the sense of female inner sexiness and outer attraction gone? Isn’t this part of the law of attraction, and the reason why Channel became who she is always ensuring to smell and look at her best. She did it for herself. She felt powerful and self-empowered because of it; not having to count on both from others.

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