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Top 10 Refreshing And Healthy Cucumber Drinks

Ring ring! Summer and Spring are in the town! We hope you are prepared for all those breezy, warm, chilling, friends nights. Or, mornings. Depend on which one you prefer more. We know you all have your favorite drinks you are always sticking to, but have you tried anything with cucumber?

Have you tasted that kind of heaven before? In case you didn’t, shame on you. But, luckily, it is never too late to try one of those. They really are refreshing, they instantly raise your mood and make you feel like nothing in this life could go wrong. And we all need that feeling. So, release yourself from your drink monotony, try what we suggested and remember this summer like no other before.

Cucumber Melon Drink



It is absolutely your choice if this is about to be a virgin or not. What you should know as a fact is that, there are no fresher ingredients than watermelon and cucumber, together. So, if it’s super hot wherever you are, this is your call. Enjoy!

Lemon Cucumber Spritzer



It smells like a weekend off in summer. Mint leaves, gin or vodka, whichever you prefer, and cucumber. Wow. Tasty, adult drink, and completely enjoyable. Make it on your own, get a book, sit by a pool, and forget about everything else.

Strawberry Cucumber Smoothie



Hangover or sleepover is the best decision for the start of the day. Summer day or spring day, it doesn’t really matter as long as you know how healthy and beneficial this smoothie is. It will keep you full until lunch and you will just feel good.

Grapefruit Cucumber Cocktails



This is a great friendly cocktail that will make you enjoy every part of your body. It is sweet while spicy at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Your skills on the table and make this happen as soon as possible.

Cool Minted Cucumber



Like all the other ones, you can make this one with or without alcohol. This one actually could be combined in water only, and you can have it every morning as a part of your detox plan. Nothing better than cucumber and mint together. Perfect couple.

Cucumber Blueberry Smoothie



Here, you can definitely use your imagination to the fullest. The most important ingredients you should know are blueberries, cucumber and mint. You can add coconut or almond milk. Even vodka could bring the best in this. Really, anything that pops up in your mind. Cheers!

Cucumber Mint Gin And Tonic



Tired of the regular gin and tonic with a wedge of lime? Stick to your favorite drink but invent something in it. Ask your bartender to add some mint and cucumber or, if you are your own bartender, add as much as you want. It’s never enough of those two.

The Anti-Vodka Soda



Aren’t you bored of the vodka soda ritual? It doesn’t even look appealing. That is why, take gin instead,  muddle cucumber, some simple syrup, and of course, mint. You can squeeze lemon or lime for a little sour effect. Good one, we promise.

Cucumber, Basil And Lime Gimlet



If you are stuck in the city this summer and you want to escape to an exotic place, at least in your mind, let this refreshing drink help you out with that. You can have it in any bar, sip it and work your mind on it. You can go anywhere you imagine!

Cucumber Martini



Bond didn’t really try the best martini can offer. A dirty martini is a very well made drink, but this…this can’t be even compared. Nothing better than slightly windy weather, on a balcony, talking to your friends, and holding this treasure in your hands! Enjoy your night!

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